February is here!

I turned around and not only did it become 2022, it’s already February!

I did manage to post a podcast for the new year, however.

And February is such a short month to begin with…why don’t we just cut the 3 weeks in half and give January one half and March the other?

I try to post a new mandala every Monday on my Instagram page

Then again…don’t even start me on March. If you say Saint Patrick? I know at least 15 Pagans that will roll their eyes.

Sooooo about Saint Patrick’s day… deep breath… long story short the “Snakes” were code for “Pagans”. And well, “Driving them out of Ireland?” That actually meant usually “Killing” or deportation against their will, or sometime torture with hardcore conversion…so that’s fun. Some people refer to it as the ‘Irish Holocaust’ (not me personally, but it is to that level of death and torture.).

Just waiting for St. Patty to deport us Pagans to France or Wales….

Sometimes I wonder if that’s why we Irish get stereotyped as big drinkers….maybe it’s because we are still trying to forget.

In most Pagan circles now it’s better to say ‘Irish Appreciation day’.

My Februarys and Marches always get so mottled together anyway…I personally don’t know why we take down all our Christmas decorations down since the next two holidays theme colors are RED and GREEN anyway!

Myself and Wren Estremo (owner of the Dragon and the Rose) will be teaching a love spell class at the Dragon and the Rose this month.

I hope you can attend.

Also amongst the gothy spooky community we have a new holiday: Valloween!

Are you going to make a Valloween tree? Go check out Jade the Libras Valloween tree she did.

So whatever you might be celebrating soon? I hope you enjoy the fact Mercury Retrograde is ending as well!

How I felt during this Mercury retrograde…

I am available for consultations and classes and readings online as well as at my office. You can schedule an appointment right here on my website.


We also have cups, mugs, stickers and shirts available as well!

I can’t wait for my cropped sweatshirt!!!


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