Auntie Pandora's Musings

February is here!

By Auntie Pan / February 1, 2022 /

I turned around and not only did it become 2022, it’s already February! And February is such a short month to begin with…why don’t we just cut the 3 weeks in half and give January one half and March the other? Then again…don’t even start me on March. If you say Saint Patrick? I know…

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The Oracle Of Orange County (c)

By Auntie Pan / April 7, 2018 /

Yes! I love this title! I was given this last week by a darling co-worker in occultland. So I have licked it thus its officially MINE! I have to apologize that I have been M.I.A. these last few weeks. Life happens. I have a posting schedule now and will be more online. Yay! I will…

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Watch “Tarot questions answered with Auntie Pan Pan” on YouTube

By Auntie Pan / January 20, 2018 / Just a quick question and answer right before my monthly Witches Stitch N Bitch over at the Dragon and the Rose in Santa Ana, California .

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Watch “You know your roommate is possessed when…. Part one (1-10-2015)” on YouTube

By Auntie Pan / January 16, 2018 /

I wrote this on the fly due to a few former roomies i have had. Am seriously contemplating a book on this. Your thoughts? (Found online…i want a glitter board!!! I can conjure all those Barbies I obliterated in the 80’s in my mom’s microwave!)

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Auntie Pan Pan’s reading of the week

By Auntie Pan / January 13, 2018 /

Every week I will be putting my cards on the table and seeing what’s up for next week. Take with as many grains as you choose since this is for entertainment purposes only. 😉   THE MESSAGE Sometimes you just need to get a special hint from the Universe…sometimes in the shape of a plastic…

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