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Pan has been doing readings since 1985, having been trained in 1982 by her mother, aunt, and two uncles. Her grandmother and mother taught her tea leaf reading and other forms of Divination starting at age 9.  Pandora prefers to use Oracle decks instead of Tarot since in her opinion there is more "wiggle room" with oracles. Oracles show all the perspectives for the person, not just yes or no...but also WHY. Oracles work with introspection and reflection. Also, her favorite deck (Psy Card deck) she uses is the same type of deck she has been using since why mess with a good thing? She has read Oracle at several occult stores across the country and has read oracles at several conventions in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Hollywood. You can find her Vlogs on YouTube and Spotify 

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Zen Hugs

Auntie PanPan



Auntie Pandora's KYIDB (kick you in da booty) oil is amazing.

My daughter was in danger of not graduating with her class her senior year. She had 6 weeks to fix it. I anointed a yellow candle with the KYIDB. I also left the bottle sitting with in the spell. I prayed over it daily for those 6 weeks and my daughter was able to graduate and walk with her class!!! Pan is ALWAYS amazing. Her readings are great, her Aura photos are a work of art (mine is framed in my bedroom), and she gives wicked consulting advice. Also her classes are fun with a wealth of information.

-Jessica Stites


Such an amazing and insightful reading

She was spot on what I am challenged with right now. She gave great advice and even gave me homework! Her insight helped me dive deeper into what I need to heal and helped look at things in a different way. I highly recommend a reading with her. Get ready for some truth though. She’s not going to sugar coat! This lady is the real deal!

-A Real House Witch of the OC


Pan is really sweet and reassuring. 

I’m really impressed with her ability to foresee events, it helps me relax and trust that things will work out, like they did for this event. She’s really knowledgeable about spirituality and witchy things.  She also has a great sense of humor and I really enjoy talking with her, and both her in-person and virtual readings have been great.  I highly recommend Pan!



I've been going to her for a little over a year...

I came across her at the store Dragon and the Rose. I took a while to pick my person, frankly I'm a type of way and I need someone strong to tell me my shit basically. I finally decided i wanted her to do a reading for me and it was definitely an experience. Everything was right on, she helped guide me and has impacted me in frankly many ways. Ever since then she is my go to person. If you want to hear it like it, without sugarcoating I definitely recommend her. I've tried other readers but none like her!



Pan gives you the truth you need to hear...

Pan isn't one of those 'pay me enough and I will tell you a pretty story to make you feel good' type readers. She will tell you what you need to hear, and be supportive through out. She has great energy and truly cares for those she gives reading for.

-Tyler Matthews


The readings you did for me and my roommates was so great!

Everything about my Oracle reading was right on the head, and I took your advice on trying to find my "unicorn" in a partner, and I finally found her! Thank you for your advice and your amazing reading! I can't wait to have more readings done by you!



TJ’s readings are always on point with what I’m going through!

She knows the energy of your situation and explains it with a light fun heart. Her energy is always uplifting for every reading. I truly feel confident moving forward after receiving her guidance. Thank you!

- Elijah's Light 333



Auntie pan is one of the very few I trust to do readings for me I have know her for many years and she is a beautiful inside and out, you can tell she loves what she does she cares alot about people. She will tell you the truth of what she sees and explain it to you. If you have not had a reading done by her I highly recommend it just being around her makes you feel better she is wonderful.


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