Since when did I need a label?

Sooo…I recently did a vlog regarding what kind of goth am I? Associated with that was the discussion of labels.

I do not believe I (nor anyone else) should be pigeonholed into just one category of genre for goth.

•I have been corporate goth at my jobs.

•I have dressed fetish for several events.

•I’m old enough now to be considered an elder goth…

•I do some shows now and again so I love dark cabaret.

•I’m a witch so am I ‘dark mori’ too now?

•I bellydance sometimes and do ren faires…does this make me Tribal goth?

•I’ve been known for wearing pointy teeth and dressing like a vampire…so am I vampire goth?


here’s an idea…

…just call me AuntiePanPan…

Or just a friend. Or family.

There’s my label.



  1. Polythene Pam on May 1, 2019 at 2:13 am

    We love you just the way that you are! 😊

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