Oracle scopes

Time for December Oracle scopes, where I tell you what lies in wait for this month via the oracle of your sign.

Aries ♈️
The Never card reversed. So yeah, it’s been a crazy time but it’s time to not lose hope because you are always there and if you are still here ? That’s half the battle. Don’t give up!

Taurus ♉️
The Beast Card. It’s time for you to roll up your sleeves and actually BE that bad ass bitch. Stop being a door mat and take action for a change instead of use settling for mendacity.
If you snooze? Ya lose. Then the only one you can blame? Is yourself!

Gemini ♊️ The Wheel card. Just keep going! You are SO close!!! Almost there…just hold on!!!! Yeah its crazy. Yup its rocky? But it all within your reach! Just a little more and hold on!!!

Cancerians ♋️ The Inquiry Card Reversed.
It’s time to stop asking questions and to actually trust your instincts as far as what you already know as fact. Trust in your instincts and you spirits will guide you down the path you desire.

Leo ♌️ The Union Card Reversed.
It’s been time to separate yourself from some bad toxic stuff for a while now. You finally decided now that enough is enough and let that Lion ROAR. Treat yourself. Pull away from that which no longer suits you.

Virgo ♍️ the Fool Card Reversed.
Look what you are doing. Look at your surroundings. WTF my friend. WTF. You can still be a genius in academia, yet, need help crossing the street because your common sense button is busted.
Use street knowledge more than book knowledge this month.

Libra ♎️ The Mother Card. Your natural Mom instincts are in FULL gallop this month. You really DO want to settle in. You’ve gotten tired of the party and just wanna stay home and mom and learn how to make cobbler. The Goddess is telling you it’s all good. It’s OK to get cozy for a bit…a bit. Don’t overdo it.
Scorpio ♏️
The Tower Card.
We all knew this day was coming.
We all saw the signs.
Well. It’s here now. You can’t make an omlette without blowing up the nest in your case. It’s time. Past time.
Do the thing already.
Sagittarius ♐️
The NO Card.
Just NOPE.
You get to remember you don’t have to do EVERYTHING! Stop trying to be an over achiever and settle to do only what’s required to get the job done! Watch out for the haters and vampires and hold your ground with a solid NO.
Capricorn ♑️
The Cave card
Guess who’s going to be doing some social hermiting this month?!? Moreso than usual???
Yeah, you. Because you overdid it…again. Rest is a real thing you know? Did you get your flu shot?!?!?!
But you need a snuggle, a snack, a hug, some jammies and a warm cup of cocoa. Enjoy.
Aquarius ♒️  the Stars Card Reversed. Whoa! I don’t know what happened?? But you flew WAY off course!!!
Relax it’s only temporary. 😌 But how you got to total derailment from total October organization stuns me…oh wait…November. yeah. That month did you NO favors. Maybe you should consider some coaching or become a life coach…it may keep you on track for your 2024 goals .

Pisces ♓️
The Voyage card reversed.
Soooooooo that trip isn’t happening according to plan. You feel stuck in a crossroads and can’t get there from here. I feel ya! 😪  it’s all feeling super stagnant right now. Take a breath. Take a moment. Begin your strategy. Start planning for YOUR life. It’s okay to plan. It’s OK to do things for yourself. You have support. You got this.
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Have a blessed yule month
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