Auntie Pandora's Musings

The case of the missing salt shaker

By Auntie Pan / July 15, 2022 /

For the past three years I have been oblivious that certain objects in my life have been missing, moved or just taken. Such is the case with the magickal saltshaker. My father “Acquired” this salt shaker over 35 years ago from a famous haunted hotel I refuse to name. But its been with me for…

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Horoscopes 2/28-3/6 2022

By Auntie Pan / February 27, 2022 /

Auntie PanPan’s horrible Horroscopes  2/28-3/6 2022 By TJ Pandora Teer Hello everyone out there in cyberland! It’s time for this weeks Horrible Horroscopes from your estranged AuntiePanPan…please put your broomsticks in an upright position as we come in for a landing to see what we can try to forecast for this next crazy seven days…

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February is here!

By Auntie Pan / February 1, 2022 /

I turned around and not only did it become 2022, it’s already February! And February is such a short month to begin with…why don’t we just cut the 3 weeks in half and give January one half and March the other? Then again…don’t even start me on March. If you say Saint Patrick? I know…

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Auntie Pan Pan’s Horrorscopes

By Auntie Pan / March 15, 2019 /

Auntie Pan Pan’s Horrorscopes March 15 – 22nd , 2019 Leo -My, you want the whole friggin world on a platter now, don’t you? Well babe, you have to give a little to get a little. Virgo – I really don’t know why you have so many issues… Hell I’d even shag you if you…

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What’s in my makeup bucket?!?

By Auntie Pan / March 13, 2019 /

Some people ask me what kind of makeups do I have? Well…NOW you will know.

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New Eye Glitter Palette

By Auntie Pan / March 12, 2019 /

So I found a wonderful eye glitter and makeup company I love the Eye Fancy Beauty company the ‘Dreams Merlot’ Palette. You can see my swatching on my YouTube channel. 💜🦇🦄🦇💜

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I have found my Chi

By Auntie Pan / March 2, 2019 /

I am going back to making hats and crowns in my life since I love millinery & costuming! Please let me know what you think. Photo of Addie at The Dragon & the Rose in Santa Ana, CA Courtesy picture of Alison of Pins-n-Maggots Alison of Pins-n-maggots If you are interested is a headdress. Let…

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Endless Night 2019

By Auntie Pan / March 2, 2019 /

Photos courtesy of ♡ Emily from the Tipsy Tarot broadcast on the first Sunday of the month on Facebook Live ♡ La Bruja Sirena from Instagram who has helped me so much this year keeping me on track with vlogs and postings Special thanks to everyone that participated with #endlessnightvampireball this year #endlessnightvb #vampire #vampyres…

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Gothic Tote Bag DIY

By Auntie Pan / February 26, 2019 /

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Shufflemancy 2019 Update

By Auntie Pan / February 3, 2019 /

I would just like to let you know that I and my cohort in crime, Addie from the infamous occult shop in Orange County; The Dragon and the Rose, we will be teaching and lecturing a class on Shufflemancy this month. For more information, click on the pretty link down below Cross your fingers we…

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