January Oraclescopes 2024

Better late than never! January 2024 Oraclescopes! Part One!!!

Aries β™ˆοΈ The Tower – You are so good at hiding and building and hiding and building….and hiding…and building…I see a pattern here…


Taurus β™‰οΈ The Friendship card (R) – it’s time to say Toodle loo to those that no longer serve you. 


Gemini β™ŠοΈ Libido (R) –

So you feeling a little fizzled out. No worries. But you need to find that which you are passionate about.


Cancer β™‹οΈ Liberation…its been a long time coming to you to free yourself out of some negative situations. You are free to do what you want. πŸ˜‰

Leo β™ŒοΈ The Puzzle card

You are so overwhelmed because you don’t know which direction to take…one point to tell you…you ARE lucky because you have SO many options to actually choose from!


Virgo β™οΈ The Prison card. What’s holding you back? What’s tying you down? What’s the monkey πŸ’ on your back? You can’t get there from here. Maybe What’s holding you back is you.


Libra β™ŽοΈ

The NO Card.




Stop. If the red flag is even a shade of pink or magenta?? It counts!!!

Don’t walk. RUN.

Scorpio β™οΈ

The Beauty (R) Thus the Beast Card.

You are extra growly right now. You just wanna bite everyone’s head clean off and use it as a soup bowl. Even if the growlyness is warranted?

Walk in another’s shoes first before you attack.

Sagittarius β™οΈ

The Fortune Card.

Love this for you!

You are getting a LOT done right now – getting a lot accomplished that’s been on hold since once a long forever ago. It’s time to get the rewards of all the hard work.

Good job!

Capricorn β™‘️ The Tree Card πŸŒ³ (R) reversed.

Soooooooo *deep breath* happy πŸŽ‚ birthday! So usually this is when you should reconsider certain paths that you’ve been going down…you ARE human. It’s time to start looking into gleaning more knowledge. Invest more in your intellect.

Aquarius β™’️ NEVER.

If it sounds too good? It is!

If you keep expecting someone to change or people to ‘see the light’.


It’s a thousand years till Christmas then, hun.

Self preservation seems more necessary for you at this time.


Pisces β™“️

The Sun.


Things are brighter than they appear. 

You may be down and grumpy for the wrong reasons.

You are sitting pretty.

It ain’t all that bad.

Lighten up.


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