Good Morning class, today we'll be learning about...

So here are a listing of my classes that I teach. Let me know which ones you are interested in and we can go from there.

Each class is a unique session. With this comes notes from my own personal arsenal of knowledge.



Pagan Holidays

Wheel of the year. A deep look into sabbats, moon phases

The Pagan Circle of Life - Beginning , Middle and End (Births, Namings, Coming of age, Handfastings, Healings and Transition.)

Divination 101

What source of divination works best for you?

Spheromancy, crystalmancy, hydromancy, Shufflemancy & Bibliomancy.

-Black Mirrors - history, types and crafts,

-Spirit/Ouija boards- what's the big hullabaloo?


Ground Block and Shield

How to protect yourself from negativity, psychic vampires and your in-laws or roommates. Safety and protection spells included.

Banishing 101

How do you get rid of something that doesn't want to seem to want to leave? Now it's time for banishing. Here is a no holds barred tricks and schemes to get rid of the nasty woo woo.



Love Spells 101

This was actually one of the first classes I taught because in this class is covered the concept of attraction, and when a spell has gone too far.


Your Altar and equipment

This is regarding your tools and how to take care of them... includes how to keep an altar out in public in disguise and port-a-altars for that magick on the go!

Your Books of Shadows (BOS)

What are the tools you need to create a BOS and make one that works FOR you instead of a literal mess that it could become.


Dollar store witchcraft...doing magick on the cheap.

Yes, yes, I love all the shiny things too...but it doesn't need to break your pocketbook to do spellwork.


Money Spells

Money makes the world go around.

Tarot or Oracles cards?

….or Lenormand? Gypsy Witch? What’s the difference between all these cards?

97942015_239143597511541_4088373813362905442_n - Copy

Astrology cheats. AKA: Socio-Astrology

How can you tell if that person is a Leo by their hair when they are bald? Why are moon children cranky around the 15th? Why are Geminis Bipolar? Astrology should not be difficult when you learn the "tells" of certain signs.

Name that Deity!

Greek Deities, Egyptian Deities, Sumerian Deities, Nordic, Roman...I'm so confused! Here's a quick run down on dirty basics.


Magickal Salts & How to make them

this class teaches how to make salts for various spells: banishing, success, protection and love


Know Your Subtitutions!

what do you do when you are out of black salt? or eye of newt? this class help find replacement items when you cannot make a trip to your nearest cauldron.


Oil Blending...what goes into where?


Putsiis bags vs. Shaker cans.

Washes and spells that go into various types of containers/spray bottles/jars

Assortments of what should go into where?

What's the difference between a gris gris and a putsii? How much stuff should go into a spell pouch?


Candle Magick

This is great for learning the colors and what candle does what magick. What does it mean when lights flicker or things pop or even break? What kind of candle are good to use? Should you make your own?

House Cleansings … and Cookies!

Your magic armor, and how to take care of it

Jewelry, Glasses, Car/Truck

This is like Ground Block and Shield 102 class to some.


Tea Leaf 101

This is an HANDS-ON CLASS. Get your cup, get your tea and a pen and paper because this is a bit of a loo loo!


Please note: The art of divination or witchcraft is a form of tuning into that which is the divine. You are responsible for everything you think, feel, see, say & do. These courses are sold for knowledge and informational purposes only.

Blessed Be