Why I vlog & blog

I am a YouTuber. Okay… so I have 31 LOYAL subscribers (thank you! I love you! Can your cousins subscribe?!?)

but why is it that I keep hearing that YouTube it’s a tool Only for the young?

Um…no it’s not. It’s just that the young probably know how to use it better.

I was very disturbed to see in an issue of Forbes magazine that 11-15 year olds are going to VidCon – NOT to go have a Good time? No no no. they want to learn how to get a million or more subscribers on their YouTube page from their own personal

Inspirations they watch and observe. Oh come ON, people!!! It’s like watching beauty pageantry for the internet!

Now, I will never be the next MarkiPlier or Amber Scholl… nor do I care to be, they have both worked very hard to become the best YouTubers that they can be – YouTube truly IS their world.

YouTube is … ummm how do I put it? A pumpkin pie in my world.


In the Thanksgiving Dinner of Social Media? I would say that YouTube is the Pumpkin pie of this meal.

It’s got the vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top making it sweet? But overindulge on it? You could

Get sick or you just go into a sugar coma and die.

Depending on what you watch.

I am a HUGE Instagrammer however…Instagram is like the stuffing. That GOOD stuffing. The one that you will totally go back for seconds…okay…THIRDS. Because it is addictive for those of us that are photo renders and like to tell a story with imagery. I love Instagram.

Twitter – – which I forget to use often? Which I shouldn’t? but I do? Are like the green beans. They’re THERE!!!

They are good for you?!? Why you not acknowledging it? Put that on your plate too.

I do NOT Tumble or ChatSnap…I ain’t got time for snapping or tumbling….so that would be the weird meals that

Either your Vegan aunt brought or your uncle Stanley caught “Something” and made a gravy out of it… UMMM NOPE.

Facebook. You are the Main course. It’s the main portion of the meal because everyone is there at the table going to get a bite out of it. It’s the Turkey (or Ham or Veggie Loaf… whatever your meal du jour pings in your heart!)

I would have to say the rest like journaling/poetry/blogs? Is like Potatoes and Gravy. But FULL of carbs or maybe a vegetable on the side.

But my blog ? In my case? I like the sweet potatoes – and I LOVE Sweet potatoes which are just tons of vitamins and good nutritious elements for you to read.


On that note, I’m hungry. LOL.

See you either in my sweet potatoes or stuffing… but… if you could take a bite of my pumpkin pie? That would be great.


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