The Gorgon’s Tarot

The Artist Dolores Fitchie who is based in London with her computers, pets and art has created a new look of the tarot in style – shape – and contrast.

I cannot lie. I am in love with this artist’s style and concept design of this deck. This is a mostly black and white circular deck but it has so much promise. Their art is crisp and well defined. There are touches of the color of red as well as shapes , line, visual textures which of course, I adore.

I know it may seem as though I am gushing about how cool The Gorgon’s Tarot is? But it reminds me of a very Greco Roman style meets Klimt in black and white. There is also the influence of African and Caribbean art as a touch of 80’s artist Nagel as far as use of stark space. Some view the style of The Gorgon’s Tarot more as an Art Deco style…which is possible, but regardless of the influences of the artist – This deck is divine to me.

If you are looking for a circular deck, and not looking for massive colors, and want to stick to a two to sometimes three color palette, this could be the deck for you.

This is a 79 card deck. Unlike the standard Tarot of 78 cards, Fitchie had added a new card to this deck: The Gorgon.
The book within the box set is cute , small and very easy to use and understand. It has very simple answers, but the poetry that goes along with the stories, especially regarding the Gorgon card is beautiful.

Maybe its the Bohemian in me that fell in love with The Gorgon’s Tarot the moment it came across my desk at my office at The Dragon and The Rose.

There are two sizes of decks available for The Gorgon’s Tarot. Small and Large. The Large deck (8 inch Diameter) and the smaller (nearly 6 inch Diameter) sizes.

If you have difficulty regarding round decks the Fitchie discusses the manner of how to use a round deck of cards for reading.

In short, if you like round decks? You might find yourself in love with this particular format.

Besides, Gorgon’s are unique and made of strong character, right?

To find this deck, you can have it ordered for you by your local Metaphysical bookstore retailer or check out the publisher at:

Divination Review
By TJ Pandora Teer

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