Tea Time With Auntie Pan Pan 

Well. Hi folks…once a week i try to post an article here or on my YouTube regarding ANY and all the strange occulty wulty questions dealing with all the realm of the metaphysical.

One of the questions that came up to me the other day was: “Pan, is it bad luck for me to buy my own tarot deck.?!?”
Let me point out a factor – if we ALL waited for someone to buy for us a particular type of tarot deck? There wouldn’t be so many tarot printing companies or brands of hundreds of styles of decks to choose from.

I remember in high school I heard that “don’t buyyour own deck !!!! Oh Noooo! It’s bad luck! Aghh!!!”

So what did i do? I did what every good Pagan does.
I went to my mom!
She rolled her eyes and thump! Onto the table she handed me a red pouch with her Tarot cards in them. “HERE! Now, you don’t have to deal with that question again.” She then went to our local occult store and bought herself another deck to teach me with…this was the oracle deck of which I ended up using later and the same brand i use to this day.

(*me with my mother circa 1994)

 Let me explain something:

It is not bad luck purchasing your own deck. It depends on the energy that you put into it that matters.

It is also acceptable to wait till someone gives you a gift of cards as well, because it denotes a generous act of love.

I’ve bought my own decks & given many as well…and I also have a large wooden bowl at home that I have put various oracle/tarot cards that have been purchased ,gifted, inherited…
…and it’s overflowing.
I may need a bigger bowl.

*all other photos courtesy of the Dragon and the Rose located in Santa Ana, California.

**acrylic Fool card created by Wulfenbahr Arts.

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