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October 27th, 2020

Ah, October. A rosy time. The world is ablaze with fire (for really real in southern california) the veil between life and death is surprisingly thin if not transparent.
And Witches are celebrating the end of the year / beginning of the new year.

I am sticking to my guns with the theory that the world will start anew and getting better by the ending of the Witches new year which runs between October 29 – November 3rd.
We are going into the season of the Goddess, Hecate the Goddess of Witchcraft and Sorcery.
November 12 through 17 is the season of Hecate…walking through the crossroads protecting Dogs and Cats everywhere and rescuing those who are at a crossroads in life, love and Magick.
Followers of Hecate can usually be identified with a sacred key worn around their necks. Sometimes it’s not easy to be a follower of Hecate…She expects you to be honest with yourself…this means serious amounts of Shadow work.
Shadow Work is what happens when we have to confront our “Demons” – Sometimes a Demon isn’t pointy horns and a tail. Nowadays most individuals deal with a different type of Demon. It’s called Negativity.
What kind of Negativity Demons live out there? Usually they dwell in our most sacred of spaces. . . Our Minds.
Our mind is filled with:
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Eating Disorders
Hyper Sensitive Personalities
Dissociation (DID)
…Just to name a few.
These are our modern Demons.
And Sadly? Chucking a handful of salt in our face is not always the best transaction to free ourselves from them.
Some solutions that may help:
Therapy – Talking out our anxieties with trained professionals can be effective. However, if you feel you are getting nowhere? Change Your Doctor. You have this option.

Medications – While I believe in a more holistic approach to everything? There are times where some medications or changing up your diet may help keep your mental dragons in the doorway. Look into the possibilities of having allergies or if medications might help your plight.

Cut back on the Caffeine – Drink more Water!
I can not emphasize this enough! I lived off of caffeine for nearly two decades. Then I wondered why my skin was having issues or why I could not sleep. Cutting down your caffeine levels must be a slow process otherwise Migraines will be your new best friend.
Water cures so much in our life…It’s the natural purifier.
Drink more water… In moderation.
Stay hydrated.

Most of us are only getting 4 to 6 hours of REAL sleep a night while we should be getting between 7 to 9 hours of sleep. I am a firm believer of taking naps and lying about in bed for long periods of time. Bed is our second home…use it wisely. Do not bring the negative into the bed.

Arts and Crafts. The Craft is very Crafty I always say. Knitting, Crochet,Cooking, Sewing…all of these skills are a form of the craft as well. Use this wisely? Having a bout of problems? Knit it out! Cook Something.

Write It Down!
When we have our “moments” or an anxiety attack? Go write it down. Why do you feel the way you do? What’s going on? Log how you feel.
Sometimes you can look back on your journals and begin to see specific “Tells” as to why you are having a certain trigger or jolt of reaction from action.
What could it hurt to journal your feelings? You aren’t writing a novel…just how you feel. If you aren’t happy with it? You can burn the book in Your fireplace at the end of the year.

There. That’s a lot.
But realize that you are stronger than you know. and that you got this.

Auntie Pan Pan

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