Auntie Pandora's Musings

Meanwhile in my other reality…

By Auntie Pan / June 9, 2018 /

I will be hosting a writers circle next week followed by a ‘Witches Stitch n Bitch’ knitting circle the week after. I am on process of writing one book and editing another (of course at the same time! Why? Because I dont know the word NO.) I have 3 chapters due by the end of…

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Ask Auntie Pan Pan: Past Lives.

By Auntie Pan / June 9, 2018 /

Dear Auntie Pan Pan– What are your takes on people who wonder if they’ve lived different lives before? – Serena Dear Auntie Pan Pan – If you could be anyone in a past life who would it be? What are your views on genetic memory? – Antonia Past Lives or Reincarnation. Is it real?…

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What is Shufflemancy?

By Auntie Pan / June 2, 2018 /

Shufflemancy: by the use of an electronic media player such as an electronic playlist, iPod, or other medium wherein one skips a certain number of songs and the lyrics and/or tune of the song is the answer to the divinatory question. – Thank you, Wikipedia Nowhere anywhere on the internet has the actual HISTORY of…

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Talking Spirit Boards – The history of Ouija.

By Auntie Pan / May 27, 2018 /

Dear Auntie Pan Pan, What is a OUIJA Board? What is it used for? And what/how is the best way to use it? The History of the Ouija Board Oh Divination boards never get dull, do they? NOPE! Ouija is linked with 2 particular (maybe 3) forms of divination in one source location all wrapped…

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Back to my roots…

By Auntie Pan / May 20, 2018 /

So here I am with the laptop, tablet and phone going through my rough drafts of one of the books I’ve been hashing and rehashing for the last several years. It came to me about 10 years ago and I’ve been fluffing and outlining for the last several years. Then I put it away due…

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By Auntie Pan / May 17, 2018 /

Okay, I’m guilty of it. I know you are too. You go to the swap meets right? Thrift Store? “Antiquing”? Garage sales? Maybe even dumpster dived once or twice in your life… maybe more? My significant other always says he loves the taste of FREE. I think he personally has an account at every Goodwill…

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The Oracle Of Orange County (c)

By Auntie Pan / April 7, 2018 /

Yes! I love this title! I was given this last week by a darling co-worker in occultland. So I have licked it thus its officially MINE! I have to apologize that I have been M.I.A. these last few weeks. Life happens. I have a posting schedule now and will be more online. Yay! I will…

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Dark energy…

By Auntie Pan / March 19, 2018 /

No…I’m not talking about quantum physics here… Well, actually…in a way, I am. We ALL have that ONE person from our lives that just at one point was probably your best friend then turns into your Frenemy then your arch nemesis…it happens. Usually why is because they evolve into a darker person ( or YOU…

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Where did I go?!?

By Auntie Pan / March 12, 2018 /

Hey there. I’m sorry that I’ve been indisposed… dental drama…that’s been building to the point I have a root canal and an infection to deal with in the morning. Yay!!! FUN!!! So after this is done and said? I will be back on track dealing with all the things! There are a TON of projects…

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Endless Night: Lost Boys 2018

By Auntie Pan / March 1, 2018 /

I apologize that I didn’t take too much footage…I was drinking Chambord and dancing the night away.

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