Auntie PanPan’s Horrorscopes 4/11/19 – 4/18/19

Hey Everyone….just when you thought all those retrograde were gone? Nope. Here comes Jupiter with all their business point of views. Just remember to breath and remember we’re all in this together. Grab your favorite stuffie and blankie and come with me to binge some Netflix.

Here we go.


Hello calm before the crazy. You did go through a serious bout of exhaustion and depression…but your fiery nature is kicking you in the behind…just don’t get scattered with all your ideas and stay focused.


You may be getting ready for a family event…heres the problem…you have no idea how to pack. You over-pack..

You need to learn to minimize your stuff you think you need…and stuff you just want to have. Get bins.


You are wearing your heart on your sleeve…and your roommates spleen on the hood…and your exes head on a plate. You are feeling ALL the emotions right now. And your normal ways of dealing with drama in your orbit IS.NOT.HELPING.YOU.

Either change your orbit or find a secondary outlet.

Moon children

You have a horrible tendency to feel all the things of everyone else’s. This is why you get SO moody. Just don’t get snappy with others that are trying to help you. Don’t overspend or loan out any money to others because you want to go on a shopping spree soon.


Speaking of shopping sprees my little shopaholics….you need to pay things off. Put things together and recognize you are going to very busy this week…and next week too for that matter…you will get a break…soon. just don’t break before then.


Stop whining. Deal with your problems. Stop blowing things off and finish helping others finish what they start. You need to finish YOUR stuff first.


Oh my Gods. What the heck?!? You are putting out all the fires now, aren’t you? My suggestion is to just say to heck to everything for the next 3 weeks. Its gonna be crazy for you this next week…you are so gonna need a jacuzzi very very soon.

And alcohol.

Copious amounts of alcohol.

Or chocolate.


Melancholy looks bad. But sometimes you feel like that’s the only feeling you have left to feel. Truth is? You are very optimistic…its the world that’s just being a butthead to you. Things are great. But hugs are always welcome. Let people hug you and don’t bite them or growl. Take the hug. Stop growling!!!!


You are feeling very competitive and are wanting to lash out. Why so bitter? Stop dwelling in the past and move on to a more positive future. You are 3 steps ahead, plotting and planning , but you are overthinking to the point of snowballing.


Save your dough and plan for emergencies. You have plans and you have totally blown your priorities. Might I suggest a bullet journal? Stop binging on…well… everything.


You are trying so hard to not get involved in other’s lives…heres the thing tho…you are an Aquarius! It’s what you do! Just don’t meddle to the point some view it as a power trip. YES I KNOW ITS NOT!! HUSH!! Just remember that people are sometimes idiots. Smile Smoke & Nod, pookie.


Stop crying. Here’s your coffee…you have SO many different options and you are going through this process of finding yourself…

Okay. Look in the mirror.

There you are.

Now what???

Remember you can always find me on the interwebs!

Have a happy!



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