HORRORSCOPES 4/4/19 – 4/11/19

Auntie PanPan’s Horrorscopes

This month is going to be fresh starts and crazy chaos!

Get ready and strap in to your roller coaster seat! Its gonna be a rumble bumble crazy time.

At least we are all together!

You are having some tricky issues..probably because you get jealous at the drop of a hat. Just don’t overthink things this week.

You might be a touch accident prone this week. Watch out for unsuspecting walls jumping out to attack you.

SLOW DOWN. I’m not saying be a lizard or a snail? But don’t over extend and over postpone assignments or projects.

Moon Children
Your moods could be the downfall of the week if you are not too careful. You have to trust your surroundings. If you feel uncomfortable or have no sacred space? Work on that. All crabbies need a haven that no one can trespass or tear apart.

Sometimes you need to have someone kick you in the butt to get things done. Don’t get grumbly about it or put. Just do it. Usually you are the motivator but it seems your energy level is depleted. Curb the grouchy too btw.

Oh our little hypochondriac is paranoid and worried that this is the end…end of what I had no idea. Don’t gloat to others how rich or popular you are? It will bit you in the booty later.

Who lit the light under your butt to get things done?!? You have a spark trying to get ALL your projects done. But you can’t do it all at the same time. Don’t lose your focus and don’t derail.

Grease up the headboard and slap a marmot! But seriously? You really need some self care time? Now you might have a day or two to take a whole breath and do some things for just yourself instead of everyone else

Stop trying to sleep with everyone. There. Simple. Don’t overindulge and don’t stir shenanigans that aren’t yours to stir in the first place. Just be happy.

Rest to recharge your batteries. Take a break. Find a whirlpool or a hot tub. And rest. Get a massage and some healing.

You need to finish what you started. Don’t lose sight of the prize. Set your standards to a higher level. And stop complaining so much…at least try.

Suck it up buttercup…everyone is going to come running to you because you are radiating the ‘Mommy’ gene. And they think you can fix all their problems…nope.
…might I suggest not answering your phones and let those texts take a minute or two before answering? Just a thought.

#zenhugz everyone

Till next time.

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