Auntie Pandora's Musings

Impromptu Halloween wandering…

By Auntie Pan / October 6, 2018 /

While wandering the earth…lookie like what I found:

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Predictions for 2019

By Auntie Pan / October 5, 2018 /

Hey Hi Everyone! It’s getting closer & closer to the end of the year… You know what THAT means? PREDICTIONS FOR 2019 I like to do this in a list of 20 segment so that you can check them off in Succession when I am right…or just plain suck. As always, please let me know…

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Ghost story

By Auntie Pan / September 15, 2018 /

Just my rendition of the first solo ghost hunting case I was on.

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Materialism status quo.

By Auntie Pan / September 11, 2018 /

Just because you purchased something does not make you who you desire to be. I think this says it all…

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Useless trivia about ME!

By Auntie Pan / September 2, 2018 /

This was actually thrown together and posted last week after learning about fonts and lettering on phone film edit. After messing with it for 3 hours, I was done.

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Harmony the cow cat

By Auntie Pan / September 2, 2018 /

Just a blip here to share with you about Harmony my kitty friend.

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By Auntie Pan / August 28, 2018 /

My new video is up and running on my you tube channel…I’ve been busy as heck for lack of a better term.

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Not a snappychatter

By Auntie Pan / August 14, 2018 /

Everyone and their pet ferret was telling me to join Snapchat… oh it’s perfect for YOU!!! You are going to love it! Ummmmm noooo. I think this is the second of third time I have taken a stab at the chatting of the snapping of the chats?And every time I have been heavily confused. Firstly…

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So many journals…

By Auntie Pan / July 15, 2018 /

Why am I vlogging and blogging. Why why why???? It began when my partner looked at all my journals officially on the bookshelf. When we first moved in together it was like living in between night and day. He’s a minimalist. Everything has a home and everything has a place. He is extremely detail oriented,…

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Why I vlog & blog

By Auntie Pan / July 9, 2018 /

I am a YouTuber. Okay… so I have 31 LOYAL subscribers (thank you! I love you! Can your cousins subscribe?!?) but why is it that I keep hearing that YouTube it’s a tool Only for the young? Um…no it’s not. It’s just that the young probably know how to use it better. I was very…

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