DIY Therapy Mug


What you will need:

* One mug

* Waterproof Permanent Markers

* Waterproof Vinyl Stickers…not paper!

So…you need to vent your spleen and you can’t share your secrets with ANYONE?!?

I mean ANYONE! Your Pets, your relationships, your coworkers, relatives, parents, best friend…


Usually I myself am an open book? But there are days I know for a fact that no one wants to hear ranting and raving about either various television shows being taken off the air or my bad day or who said what at coffee services.


I like to use the plastic coffee containers that you can get at a certain coffeehouse that shall remain nameless

I will mention however that their logo colors are white and green and a star might be involved.

OR pick up 1 or 2 dollar store plastic coffee traveler cups and decorate accordingly.

Why do I call it a Therapy mug?

1.) You can share your artwork with the world and still drink your morning GO-GO juice.

2.) Take your Waterproof Permanent Marker ( I use BLACK…like my soul) and write, rant, doodle, kvetch about all and everyone / everything just goings on that is driving you proverbially CRAZY mad house bonkers! Then cover it in doodles.

It’s been my experience that I have written over this a few times since after a few times washing even waterproof might fade or lighten…so I just keep a permanent marker nearby and keep venting on my coffee mug

until it is completely covered in artistic doodles.

NO ONE needs to know when that they look at it that you wish they would be stampeded by venomous foaming rabid reindeer . That’s the beauty of the therapy mug. NO ONE HAS A CLUE.

Just remember not to get permanent marker on your hands … unless you want to.


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