Predictions for 2019

Hey Hi Everyone!

It’s getting closer & closer to the end of the year…

You know what THAT means?


I like to do this in a list of 20 segment so that you can check them off in

Succession when I am right…or just plain suck.

As always, please let me know when I am right…or off by a long shot.


1. Fleetwood Mac…oh it is FAR from over just yet.

Okay so yes, thanks to current Fakewood Mac basically FIRING classic musician/genius Mr. Lindsey Buckingham.…there has been a LOT LOT LOT of angry classic FM fans. I think that there is just going to be a BIG WHOO WHOOO to the point they may end up in an actual Courthouse Copyright case in regards to rights and titles to certain music that was created between 1974 to 2017. There is MORE to unfold in the up and coming months.

So stay tuned.

2. Pets will be finally allowed onto tax returns as a deduction as a dependent.

So this may not be taken into effect THIS year? But the ball will start rolling to have it added to a vote probably for 2020. This may be due to all the expenses that animals as a domestic pet now endure as much of a financial burden into some households as some children in other families.

Let’s see what happens.

3. Yet again, someone will try to abdicate California away from the rest of the country. The only problem is that Northern California wants NOTHING to do with Southern California. So it will be more a division between Colorado/Washington/No.Cal between So.Cal / Mexico …

4. There will be a BIG earthquake…but not in California . more like Utah. SURPRISE!!!!!!

5. There will be a huge upswing in New Age Merchandise than you can possibly imagine. Can you counterfeit Rose Quartz?

6. Yoga will officially be passe. . . YAY! Bungee Snorkeling or Jello Wrestling will be the new thing to urge cardio

7. Jimmy Kimmel will be attacked by wild squirrels or lemurs.

8. There will be a recall on … of ALL things? Paper. Yup. Paper.

9. Shane Dawson will receive a nomination at a very prestigious award company (That I will not mention ) for a brand new category for the first time ever in film for his documentary series work on YouTube. Will he win? No. not the first one…but the second one…..

10. An infamous child actor will be flung in the middle of a murder mystery and it will seriously drum up SO much of Hollywood – there will be SO much tea? You will need a mop.

11. Speaking of Hollywood… people are moving out of that area like rats leaving a sinking ship. The new Hollywood is Georgia and the state will be doing a HUGE media push and succeed.

12. Renters will strike back in California high rent prices and start locking landlords out of their properties and rebellions will start.

13. Cake will be considered a health food.

14. There will be a vegetarian chain fast food place finally successful and go national.

15. A certain celebrity will pass away…but not before their book ripping a TON of people apart hits the bookshelf. . . kind of like a HUGE F U to some.

16. Three cable companies will file for bankruptcy.

17. There will be a tax on … TWINE… whaaat????

18. There will be a HUGE disturbance in the Roman Catholic Church where there will be an actual physical conflict between the buildings surrounding the area around the Vatican.

19. Mind Control documents will be found in the middle of the desert from 1952…only to find out it was really a script someone threw out of their car 60 something years ago.

20. Aliens will really be our cousins thanks to a research test sent by a college student thinking they were pulling a prank with a university sample and sending it to 23&me DNA testing.

Sooo…keep me posted!


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