So Welcome 2019!

Hi everybody.

A lot of events happened to me in the last 3 months. So much crazy that I honestly did not feel like vlogging or posting anything anywhere…

When Facebook wonders where you are? Grow concerned.

So 3 big events happened :

1. I moved to Corona, California…actually not exactly Corona? But somewhere between Chino/Eastvale/Corona/Norco…its not Orange County? But just a wink and a blink away.

2. I realized I needed a change in my life – I have been blowing off my book off and on for a bit now…which leads us to the Universe putting things in perspective.

3. I was laid off from a job that was close to a decade long. Yeah the first day I was in shock…but like I said? The Universe does stuff for a reason. All the Universe kept hearing from me was how much I hated my job? So they decided to help me in their own way I guess.

So. Here we are. I’m still in shock but I’m healing.

Aren’t we all?

So. I’m still here. I’ll be up and running in a bit.


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