Winchester the movie…

So a new movie will be released this Feb. 2nd called “Winchester” starring Helen Mirren as the Widow Sarah Winchester.

HUmmmmm….I don’t remember this on the tour….

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Ahhhh..I DO know however one or two things:

1. During an earthquake she was stuck in what they call a “rolling room” that rolled past the actual door of the room for a few days.
2. The day that they actually stopped building was the day that she died.
3. A psychic once told her to create all these rooms to her house to not only appease the ghosts who had been killed by a Winchester rifle…and also to make it more difficult for the more “upset” ghosts to find her.
4. All the mirrors and windows were designed to her prescription since she hated to wear glasses.
5. There at one point was a mysterious puzzling writing on the house that if discovered supposedly led to either an unknown hidden room or a treasure of some sort…as of 1988 it wasn’t found.

But will I go see the film? Of course. Duh.

My own experiences with the Sarah Winchester Mystery House came at the early age of 10 years old when on the tour of the upper levels of the mansion, I ( being a rather stupid child) snuck under the red velvet ropes to open the rather quaint little door that was just MY size at the time….

…upon opening the door I felt someone grab the back of my coat as I was to walk through the door. That was when I felt my mother pulling me back into the room… I looked through the door and all I saw was the top of a giant palm tree! And a very LONG drop below that would be very if not painful? Fatal!
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