Where did I go?!?

Hey there. I’m sorry that I’ve been indisposed… dental drama…that’s been building to the point I have a root canal and an infection to deal with in the morning. Yay!!!


So after this is done and said? I will be back on track dealing with all the things!

There are a TON of projects I have coming up this year and just gotta get organized.

I had a blast at Endless Night Los Angeles, sadly due to severe dental work, I will not be going to vampire Vegas weekend. Maybe next year.

I was going to go to Muse burlesque at the copper door, but yeah – dental meds …whooohooo!!!!

Pup n I literally have a stack..no sh*t I kid you not… a STACK of invites, events and hoop dee doos. Of which I have to cancel some until after dental drama and catch a breath. You ever have times like that? I currently have a bucket of events that are next to the trash can that I might have to chuck…sadly this leads to:

I will not be at Wondercon this year.

Yeah. SIGH.

It was a hard decision…but I had no choice.

I won’t be doing Dragcon either.

When some people look at me like oh you CAN’T miss going to ( insert event here)

Always remember my RULE #1. There will ALWAYS be another club, showing, event, premier, party…

So. Wish me luck tomorrow? I will be back to normal social butterfly Pan after the teeth pain stops.


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