So I went to this seminar and they tell me: “You have ten minutes to figure out what you want out of your life…” They click on the timer and shout “…anddd GO!!!” and then you are supposed to write like a mad person for ten minutes about what it is you really truly want to do with your life; your dreams, the person you want to be with, where do you see yourself in a year-five years-ten years….

This is not my first rodeo or seminar (for that matter). I have done this before. I have dreams and aspirations like everyone else. Thing is? I actually achieved some of mine when I was young. Problem was I lost and gained and lost and gained so much in my life? It’s like a roller coaster.

So here I am at “Middle Age” (is that what they call it?) trying to “figure out” what I want.

I’ve already had houses…realized I hated to have to take care of them by myself – You try to clean a four story Victorian house all by yourself which is co-owned by a hoarder? Then we will talk…lol. . I would rather have something I can either rent or so low maintenance that its super super easy to take care of. On one level!I hate stairs.Maybe a loft or a small cottage in a rural area near yet far. Far away from the crazy, yet close enough to an emergency room.

 I already have true love…we drive each other crazy? But yup. Definitely true love. Took a very long time for it to find me too. Never really wanted kids after I turned 35 so yup. I’m okay with buying purses and books instead.

 I would like to be self-sufficient again. I loved being self-employed. Truth is nowadays I would also have to pony up health insurance for myself…I think sometimes that the only thing holding me back— I am NOT a morning person. I hate getting up at 6am. I’m more of a 7 or 8 am person. That needs about three more hours to get her crap together still.

 So I have to take a deep breath and figure out: OKAY. Let’s just bullet point this sucker and be blunt with the Universe because the Universe has always been blunt with me.

Hey Hi Universe – This is what I am striving for goals right now:

·        Get my health back up to snuff. I want to get my blood sugar & pressure down and my health back up to a great level.

·        I want to lose 75 pounds in a healthy Zen like fashion.

·        I want to be self-employed and pay off my debts at the same time – plus have some money in the kitty.

·        I want my own home when I can take off my shoes in the front room and sip a glass of tea in MY kitchen and chill out in MY living room watching MY TV. Naked!!!

·        I want to be able to cook my own dinner in my own kitchen. And clean up my own dishes.

·        I want to go to my own shop or office and work at my desk and take care of my own customers/clients.

·        I want to go onto YOUTUBE and fill my niche as a Pagan Gothic Comedienne Author Cartoonist.

·        I want to write/publish my books and go out on a book signing tour and not worry how am I gonna make rent if I am gone too long.
🖤 I want an RV or a truck we can travel across the country to all the conventions,  faires and events for us to have a booth at.
I will not lie…I want a Corgi.I have always wanted a Corgi.For 15 years now.This is going to happen.

·        I want Peace. I want Calm. I want to be happy with my significant other and just do what we want for a change.

·        I need to stop wanting? And start doing!

 The Universe is NOT Santa. But the Universe DOES listen. And if I haven’t learned anything else in this life? It’s that the Universe KNOWS what YOU need when YOU need it.

So…I am grateful of all the things that I do have…but I could be better. I believe for striving for perfection.

 Some mistake this as bashing on myself…but I don’t believe in just settling. I do believe in being happy with what you DO have? But don’t just settle and lose your ambition. There is a difference between being happy with what you have and being stuck in a rut. Some people forget this.

You should always have goals to strive for? Otherwise… why you here?

SO … this is my goal for next year. WISH ME LUCK.

So… hey, you?

What are YOUR goals for this next year?

Let me know.



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