The Tarot Wheel – A Fast and Easy Reading System Created by Jim Edward Lucier.

Various times throughout the week I get the same question: “Can you teach me how to use the Tarot?” or “Show me how to read Tarot.” I smile and reply with a gentle ‘No’ and motion them to several books for reference or another reader that loves to teach. I also may mention that its pronunciation is “Tarot like the word ‘Pharaoh’, not like in ‘Carrot’.”

Yes, I can read Tarot, yet I can see to someone that has first started with a new deck, they might need some sort of training that a book or a YouTube Channel may not provide.

Then this box showed up.

The Tarot Wheel by Jim Edward Lucier.

The style reminds me of the Biofeedback wheels or the Chakra charts that takes me back to the nostalgia of the 1970’s New Age Renaissance.

Then I got my hands on it … and it was love at first spin.

The Tarot Wheel is a super streamlined format and easy to use. The concept is easy to understand and even fun to play with.

The Tarot Wheel is a discovery of an easier path for not only studying the Tarot but reading one’s own cards. I opened the box and did my first reading on myself in less than five minutes.

The creator of this box set , Jim Edward Lucier has been doing readings and researching the paranormal and the occult for well over 30 years. You can see that there was some work that was assembled together for the design of this system.

The wheel is a sturdy laminated card stock of seven layers of wheels placed together with a plastic blue tinted arm which is what your reading sits under.

Simply close your eyes and let the wheel guide you until completely satisfied with your outcome.

78 cards with unlimited answers await on the wheel which are based on the infamous Rider Waite cards of the Tarot.

The wheel comes in a solid cardboard laminated box and the kit comes with a thickly laminated card stock cheat sheet for answers from the plastic arm of the wheel.

The wheel can be a bit sticky at first, simply due to the fact the construct is designed to last, after about a half hour working with it, I managed to have it going smoothly in no time at all.

This is not flimsy in any way shape or form, this is durable for any new novice or dedicated devotee of those in love with divination.

You will not lose this on your coffee table or your bookshelf…except if a friend “borrows” it never to darken your doorstep again.

The cost I believe is under 25 US dollars and can be requested to order for purchase at your favorite local metaphysical bookseller.

For more information you can always contact the publishers website at:

ISBN: 978-0-7643-4439-8

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