The Eternal Seeker Oracle by Pamela Steele Deck Review

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The Eternal Seeker Oracle , By Pamela Steele

I love Oracle decks so very much. I have been reading Oracles since 1985 (showing my age there!) Unlike some forms of divination where one believes that the fortune told is the only solution on their path, Oracles allow you to have to trust your own instincts as well as your better nature. Usually using avatars or personality types as guides or giving you homework to help guide your way unto a better path…

The Eternal Seeker Oracle delivers this and more.

Pamela Steele , cursed herself by saying “Never Again” when she finished her first Tarot, The Steele Wizard Tarot (July 31, 2007) — When her granddaughter wanted a deck of her very own. Thus, Wizard’s Pets Tarot (2015) came into existence. . . Now here we are with the Eternal Seeker Oracle.

This 33 card Oracle deck comes with a 128 page well written book with fantastic thought out descriptions as well as marvelous card layout concepts.

The art style is a combination of mixed media, digital photo (Photoshop) rendering or superimposed pictures into sometimes a nearly cartoon-like state. The Cards are made of thick glossy cardstock and are easy to fit in one’s hand.

Pamela Steel embraces several different Pagan Pantheons and mixes the avatars in bright colors, symbols and mythological beasts within.

My Favorite card in this deck is the final card, The “I AM” Card. The eye of a dragon peering out across the Universe while the dragon is actually the embodiment of the Universe itself. I love this!

The book for this deck is not just how to read these particular cards? But has some basic Oracle 101 items to be taught to those who are yearning to know more regarding divination as a whole.

There are several different forms of spread formats for this deck and the glossary/description of all 33 cards – plus yes, these card have descriptions for inverted/reversed as well.

Other items within the book are: The care and feeding of your oracles, how to properly shuffle the deck, journal keeping, as well as my personal favorite:The Readers’ Ethics. . . I honestly wish more Oracle books and teachers spoke more openly regarding Reader Ethics. The most prevalent ethic is “Oracle readers do not make your decisions for you’. Truth. Steel speaks of Free Will and this makes me so happy. As the person being read , its only fair to ask questions and don’t just “accept” your fate.

I have been testing out this deck for the last week, and I can say that YES, I will be keeping this deck in my soothsaying arsenal!

So if you are looking for a comfortable, uncomplicated Oracle deck and like a book with great reference? This could be the book for you!

Eternal Seeker Oracle by Pamela Steele

ISBN: 978-0-7643-6125-8

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