The case of the missing salt shaker

For the past three years I have been oblivious that certain objects in my life have been missing, moved or just taken.

I will post the actual image of my saltshaker on my instagram

Such is the case with the magickal saltshaker.

My father “Acquired” this salt shaker over 35 years ago from a famous haunted hotel I refuse to name.

But its been with me for nearly 4 decades.

I had no idea it was missing.

Until I see it on the table just sitting to one side covered in a dingy grey patina since it is pure silver.

“Um, what is that doing there?”

No one knew.
It seems that when you work in the occult, some people “borrow” your magickal items and do not ask for permission to use them in public space and gatherings.

This was entirely my fault, I need to keep track better of my own magickal things.

Problem is 3/4 of my life is magickal things.

I used this salt shaker for various house blessings as well as cleansings of all shapes and sizes.

Now I can’t even seem to open the bottle. . . corrosion.

It’s heartbreaking in a way, yet a joy to see an old friend again.

I’m keeping it on my office desk as a reminder.

Keep an eye on your things.