The 1%

As an Occult Advisor in the Metaphysical realm…for many years I have had many knock upon my consultation door people that are searching for answers. Or Attention.

“I’m Possessed.”
“Our House is Haunted.”

“Our Family is Haunted.”

“I think my kids are possessed.”

“Something in my closet is drooling.”

Firstly, I am not trying to debunk everyone here. If there are strange and goofy things happing in your life or in your home. Then by all means, please, investigate it. But K.I.S.S. — Keep It Simple, Silly! It could be anything from hormones, old pipes, drafty houses, wild mood swings, a mix up in medications? You name it.

My Mother, a genius when it came to debunking told me something that I have kept with me that I will now share with all of you.

“Honey, the people in this world? 95% of them are full of Bulls—t.”

“The other 3% are those chock full of the attention starved , power hungry and those aspiring to be queen or king dipsh-t on f—kwit mountain all trying to grab the glorious crown in the kingdom of hasbeens and never was.”

“That leaves you with 2%… the first one? Well, that is a section dedicated to severe paranoia or possibly simple answers that can be easily explained.”

“But..that final percent. The 1% that’s left over?”

“That’s the one that should frighten you. Because THAT? That’s the unexplainable. THOSE are the ones you should be concerned about.”

There is not always a dragon in the doorway. There is not always a monster under the bed. There is not always a demon in your basement trying to eat your toes in the middle of the night. There is not always a ghost trying to consume the energy of your self being to raise a portal to alien life forms to consume our planet.

Firstly – in regards to possession, it truly IS 9/10ths of the law…for really real. YOU control YOU. If you aren’t controlling YOU? That means you GAVE your power over to someone / something ELSE. It’s never too late to take it back.

Secondly – Possession preys upon the weak. Don’t be. Even in your darkest hours? You can be strong. Losing your biscuit every now and again? Okay. But never give up. Have a strong support system.

Thirdly – if you are having crazy things happening in your home? DOCUMENT IT. Keeping a journal or a record of weird and the wacky goes a LONG way against the nay sayers anytime.

Fourth – If you have kids hitting puberty or adults hitting a certain age? Energy feeds on that like a Hometown Buffet. Learn ways to Cleanse, Block, Protect and Shield you and your loved ones energy.

But after ALL that? If you are the one percent? ANYTHING is a probability.


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