Review of the world’s greatest showman

By TJ Pandora Teer

Take Moulin Rouge but Americanize it with a happier ending ? You get The World’s Greatest Showman!
poster image from 20th century fox


YES I know Moulin Rouge is based on La Boheme… yes I also know it’s about the Greek morality play of Orpheus & Euyrdice…

But America, Gods bless it, is all about the shiny!!! And we love our escapisms.Β  We needed it after the Civil War, We need it now…

…Enter PT Barnum.

Being an devout researcher of Ballyhoo and Humbug… yes, albeit it’s not 100% historically accurate. But it’s not meant to be…it’s to take your mind to a place where you can be anything you want or desire and forget about your darkest days…

In that sense? TWGS….yes. it delivers.

I’ve seen it three times since Christmas and bought the book and have the soundtrack… so yes this is exactly what our country NEEDS right now.

And this is the role Hugh Jackman was meant to play…if he never does another movie ever again? This is the high note ALL actors should strive for.

And now that Disney is attempting to purchase Fox? (Which I predicted 5 years ago btw) Wolverine will be a Disney Princess finally…and I’m pretty sure that we will eventually see all the Disney performers on Main Street clapping and singing “Come One, Come All! Because you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open!”

Ironically Disney HAD a circus section in a portion of Disneyland (past Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean)… Walt was ahead of his time and overshot by a few decades…

I believe after purchase this is the movie that Disney will jump on and nom nom nom…followed by X-Men…the making ofΒ  Princess Deadpool Disneyfied?!?…I can’t WAIT on that one!!! Get the popcorn for that!!!

But yes. A truly heartfelt good vibe film. Two Fangs Up.

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