Not a snappychatter

Everyone and their pet ferret was telling me to join Snapchat… oh it’s perfect for YOU!!! You are going to love it!
Ummmmm noooo.
I think this is the second of third time I have taken a stab at the chatting of the snapping of the chats?And every time I have been heavily confused.

Firstly – I talk to enough people. I have gotten rid of two messaging services because people I don’t want to talk to kept bugging me.

Secondly—I don’t see the benefit of it when I can’t even see what the heck its doing half the time it just keeps trying to get me to take my picture…of which

When I have not a stitch of makeup or sunglasses on? GOOD LUCK.

Thirdly—Don’t I have enough social media already? I have YouTube, I have Twitter, I have Instagram, The Book of the Face, my website-blog… what more do I actually need?!?
When will enough be enough?
With so many little pages bouncing around? How would one keep track?!?! Maybe it’s true what they say: Someday you won’t have a “Normal” job, but your Brand eventually will have to provide for you
A semblance of support for financial living. Branding…
We have become Pop Tarts? We are Toothpaste?

I dunno about you? But I gave SnappyChat a week. It didn’t work for me? BYEEEE. I’ll just wait for the newer social media to come out to be the new hip app.
I’m surprised there isn’t just a general platform that all these little apps bow down too…. Oh wait… I forgot Google.

Anywho… I miss Vine. Vine was awesome – you could record and pause and switch and pause and had to make an epic in seven seconds.

Yeah…good times.

Till Next time:


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