My Dream Kitchen

If I were to have my own kitchen again?

It would have:
My own microwave

(which I left with an ex roomie because they literally left it a mess and I refused to clean after their sorry ass!)

My Crock Pot (so I will always have food ready when I come home)

My food dehydrator ( because I miss making my own jerky and natural fruit roll ups)

Coffeemaker-(for tea and hot liquid noms!)

A new Wok (see foul messy roommates again…)

A new hotplate (gone with my old Wok)



Giant wooden serving bowls

Matching plates and silverware. I have this!


My pots and cutlery.

Assorted spooky tea towels & potholders.

My Mickey Mouse ghostie cookie jar for snacks and candy

A Large mini fridge because I dont need all that fridge crap. I need a freezer more than a fridge.

A teakettle…I have one but have to leave it in the trunk with my crockpot…

My glassware.

Slabs of wood to stick grapes and wierd cheese on so it looks like a frikking IKEA catalog.

Clean lunch and picnic boxes set and ready to go.

A winerack…because…wine.

Fridge magnets showing my blessed insanity

A new breadmaker. I want bread!!!!

A Place for just MY STUFF..

If you can’t tell? I am craving having my own kitchen again someday. Or at least know where everything is!!!
My dream is what I used to have when I used to live in my Condo when the coffeemaker always had a fresh pot brewing. The teakettle was always armed with specialty teas and herbed liquidy goodness. I always had the food dehydrator making jerky or fruit roll ups or dehydrating herbs for either dinner or spellwork…

Fridge full of juices and teas or flavored waters…

Breadmaker churning merrily with a new loaf of rosemary or onion bread ready for a slab of home churned butter or freshly made yogurt.

Giant wooden bowls full of fruits and plates of cheeses or dates & figs…

I miss this part of my life.

It saddens me greatly.

I miss dinner parties and being the place for others to hang and visit and yhey would never starve…

I miss having my own place in the world. A sanctuary of my very own.


Maybe someday again.

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