Making more time for Magick! How to implement time easier for spellcasting.

By TJ “Pandora” Teer

Okay so here we are needing to make up some really quick cash- you are doing all the things you are suppose to and you have your spell and ready to do some serious magick time!

And then…

You gotta stay late at work.

Or you have to wait in the van for the kids you are picking up for soccer practice .

Or the most popular thing that comes up is that you don’t get paid until Friday or some sort of an excuse that you just simply can’t get there from here.

So here is some advice to make making spell time work to your advantage.

1. Make the time!

Yeah, I know it’s a cop out…but if not now? Then when? Five minutes is really all you need to get a simple spell underway.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother when we were having money problems- she would go to the kitchen to make dollar pancakes loaded with vanilla honey and cinnamon. I did not know she was singing a spell while making them. Within 24 hours? BOOM! A windfall of cash would come our way. This woman was the QUEEN of manifesting! She implemented magick in all the things she did every day. Even making pancakes.

So just be magickal and you will find a way to carve out time.

2. Create a port-an-altar

Or a portable altar whatever way you want to call it…something that can fit in a jewelry box in the back of the car, or in a wallet or purse. Something small to get you through a quick spell.

I put together a true love/success money spell out of a mint tin, small candle and some sugar and star anise I found laying around. Wrote my intention, wrapped it up in tin foil and sent it on its merry way when it was done. Success!

3. Keep kits everywhere!

Its seems to be that some people believe that if they don’t use their altar, they can’t do a spell. Ummmm…

Magick is everywhere. You take it with you. Brushing your hair can be a weight loss spell. Putting money in a jar can be a money spell, sewing a dress can be an attraction spell. Magick is what you make of it. Keep a small collection of mint tinsel and little baby jars around you can throw some herbs, stones and some birthday candles and you got a party!

As long as intention us there? All things are possible.

The point is, never feel like you cant make magick. One lady I know when shes at her daughter’s dance class she pulls 4 laminated cards the size of credit cards out of her wallet in 4 colors: brown, pink, blue and red. For her? This is Earth, Air, Water and Fire. She also has a wallet pocket card of her particular diety she leans onto for support. So while her daughter is pointing her toes, her mom is praying without anyone noticing.

You got this.

Make time.

I believe in you.



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