Horrorscopes May 17-24 2019

AuntiePanPans Horrorscopes May 17-24 2019.

Hi Everybody! AuntiePanPan here to bring you good tidings of happiness and hopefully positive zen hugs throughout the crazy that was last week and carrying over into the next week. Everyone comfy?

Okay. Let’s strap in to another fun filled adventure.

Jack the cat making my life difficult.

Hoo boy…. we got a doozie here. When you get angry? Everybody feels it.
Say what you mean. Mean what you say…don’t fester. It does no good but make you turn into a volcano where everyone is looking for a place to hide.

As much as you are taking life in stride and things are changing for the better in your life? Don’t backslide into old habits…no shoe shopping this week! One cheat day is fine? but not three days in a row…then that is binging.

You see all these debacles going on around you. Just realize that not everything is YOUR problem. Sometimes you just need to hand them a chocolate chip cookie and pet them on the head to let others that depend on you that everything will be okay. You got this.
You will reap the rewards later.

So many mood swings so little time. Who are we today? Stop falling in love with people every time you turn on a lightswitch. Hey, I know the truth hurts.

But if I didn’t care for you?I would not tell you that you need to chill out. enjoy some just YOU time and learn the art of relaxing. CALM.

There is a stage in life where we pass from student to teacher – child to parent – Apprentice to Master. This is that time for you. It is time for you to wake up and start adulting. You have done it before and felt like you got your teeth knocked out…which you may have…but now? Dust yourelf off and get back up. Deal with your you know what.

Okay. Truth is you are on this grand search for something. You can’t seem to find that special THING that whatever or whomever it is? You seem to be still searching for. I have a secret for you. You already have it. You are just in denial. All your successes are right in front of you… if you would just open your eyes.

I don’t know how many other ways to tell you to calm down. Things are getting better? But your timing is a b*tch. You just need to hold on because next week is going to be a heck of a lot better for you.

Regrouping and renavigation of problem areas are your strong suit. You just need to hold your word bombs in a holding pattern for a few days and not sign any agreements for a few before you have some deep thoughts first. TIMING.

Nostalgia is your predator this week. This week is many “What If’s” creeping into your life. This is the time of the year you become very down and depressed due to things that you can NOT change in your past. This is why its the PAST.

Yes. Maybe once upon a time you WERE the prom king or queen…Maybe once you WERE that person that did that THING over 5 – 10 – 15 – 20+ years ago … hullo…PAST???? If you are so bittersweet about where you are now? Change it.

Glad to see you up and about. We were getting worried. There was a time where you felt love for the world…but lately it has been replaced with sarcasm. That’s usually a sign of lacking something. You aren’t lacking anything. Everything you want in life is RIGHT THERE if you only reach for it. Be zen.

Poor Water Bearers are dealing with affairs of the heart of late.

Just remember that life is fleeting and even though it feels like its dragging for you right now? Time does speed up. Be a person of ACTION and FOLLOW THROUGH. Please note I made big words on FOLLOW THROUGH. You are great in the think tank? It’s just the continuity…work on it.

Your heart and soul and mind are currently racing a mile a million miles a second. You just need to make rapid decisions and take a step back to make accurate decisions right now. Take time to decide and weigh in on all the pros and cons of the situation. Remember! Measure twice? Cut once.

So that’s enuff this week folks!

Till next week. Zenhugz

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