Horoscopes 7/27 – 8/3 2019

Auntie PanPans Horoscopes

How is everyone holding up with all the retrograde? Haven’t pulled out all your hair yet or sitting hiding in your bedroom with a bowl of ice cream and Netflix binging Season 4 of Queer Eye? Yeah. Been there and probably will be falling over an air conditioner later trying to beat the heat pining for Winter. I myself might have not posted last week due to just having a case of Libra’s ” I can’t evens “. . . it happens.

We are on the other side of the Retrogrades now…we just gotta hold on to the raft and swim for shore together.

Let’s see whats going on this week?

It sucks to be confronted with your mistakes from your past, doesn’t it? What’s worse is when you didn’t even know you did anything wrong. Think before you act, love.

Watch your footwork. Your accident prone nature is in full force right now. Don’t run into walls with your body. You may not do high heels for a bit – flats may be best currently. Watch your balance.

You are having super super highs and More than massive low points…more so than usual. Bi Polar is an understatement. So much crazy right now in your life. Just keep your nose low, do your job and let others do the talking – all you have to do is remember and listen.

So much moodiness everywhere lately…but guess what? None of it is truly YOURS. isn’t that refreshing???
Relationships are kinda sporatic and erratic right now? but work more towards doing more ocean and earth magick for yourself. Get in touch with the earth for a little while.

Happy birthday puddytats!!!There are some serious changes up and coming in your life here are some guidelines: 1. No means NO. 2. When people are trying to help you? LET THEM. 3. Sometimes your ‘Helpful Critiquing’ comes out as “Paternal Critisim” its time to adult no matter how old ya are.

It’s time to tune into your artistic nature and find that non corporate side. I’m not saying quit your job – I’m saying that you need to tune in to your creative nature to relax and zen out for a bit.

Okay Okay…we know that you are not happy and that you feel like you have been hit in the face with a wet fish and handed a poopy sandwich.
Here’s the deal, though… YOU are the only one that can save YOU. You can’t depend on anyone else – no matter how much they love you or what they can do… YOU have to have YOUR back. Time to nut up or shut up, Buttercup.

You ALREADY know that you need a break and i know you are holding your tongue till it bleeds… but if you keep it up you are going to end up screaming your head off. There has to be an outlet of some sort. Take a step back and take a breath. You are carrying the world and EVERYONE in your orbit needs to take a step back before you implode.

Okay so the dust is clearing and you are beginning to see the light. You can see now that there has been some suffering amongst those that you love…just be you and help where you can. Love is a great start.

You really need to bring the drama surrounding you to a close. After a long and pregnant pause maybe you can see all the sides of a story. I’m not saying forget the bad things that have happened? I am saying that you need to forgive so that you move on with your own life.

I see a ton of work projects in the next few weeks. You have some things on the shelf of procrastination that needs to be completed. You need your own sacred space. Things have been hard but the hardest critic you have? Is you.

Sometimes things that sound too good to be true usually are too good to be true. Think twice and cut once. You have some stay or should I go hasty decisions to make right now. Go with your gut, not your heart.

Till next time


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