Horoscopes 6/8 – 6/14

Auntiepanpans Horrorscopes 6/8- 6/14 2019

is everyone else feeling the vast amount of crazy going on around us right now???

June is notorious for a lot of crazy chaos during this time. Just a few weeks longer, Scooter! We can get through all this together! We should have hit the brunt of the worst of the iceberg…but there is still a little ways to go…



You are so upset with yourself. Knock it off. Stop being so hard on yourself and realize you can take breaks sometimes. I’m not saying to sit and lounge at the pool sucking down Mai Tais all week…but one or two should be okay.


Impulse shopping to feel better is not your strong suit. That’s not your style- you have been feeling a little down of late – you need to drink more water and regroup.


Wow. whatever is happening with you? Try to get over it?

You are stronger than this. Its okay to blow up and lose your cookies? Then get back up and dust the crumbs off and keep going.


Don’t let others affect your mood. You are letting sad people affect your good time. NO!!! Ground! Block! Shield!

You can’t fix stupid!!! They are broken because they wanna be broken. Why should you suffer because people suck?! Nope.


Be understanding. Even a little kindness? Goes a long way. Stop trying to pop optimistic bubbles of those that care around you? That’s not nice.

Let them have their dreams…Sometimes that’s all they’ve got. Be kind.


Okay. You hurt. Are you bleeding from your eyes? No? Are you puking blood? No? Have you just been shot or stabbed? no? Have you had another blood panel saying you are okay? I am a firm believer that if you feel something is wrong? find out why. But the ER should not know you on a first name basis just as you walk into the hospital. Maybe some therapy could be good.


sigh.heavy sigh. Okay. let this sink in as you read this: The drama in your life? is a virtual cake walk compared to everyone else in the orbit around you. do you understand ? Yes you have FOMO – but everything is treatable and can be fixed or changed. I’m not giving up on you.


Your sarcasm is deafening. You are either plotting things for friends or quietly plotting your revenge. Sometimes the two collide. You have reached a point in life where you have learned that just staring at someone blankly and shaking your head scares people more than doing anything at all. Just keep them guessing this week.


Is it too late to make amends? Is it too late to fix back the mistakes that you made? Maybe? But only you can decide what you need to do to atone for your mistakes. Ask for forgiveness then move on. If nothing happens? At least you tried.


Impersonation is the highest form of flattery…this is true…however…trying to be something you aren’t or exuding too much energy thinking you are being what everyone wants you to be instead of just being yourself? Yeah…that’s not great either.


Do not be surprised that you may have to be asked for help or for assistance in the future. There are those that need to be steered in the right direction and only you know how to turn them correctly. Good luck!!!


You may think that you are helping- and in your heart you are trying so hard …. however…what may feel like helping to you? May feel like grating on others nerves. The sad part is that you really are trying. Best course of action is to be open and responsive. Smile. Nod. Hand them a cookie when they freak out.

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