Happy Summer Solstice!

The Summer Solstice is HERE!
I believe this is the longest day of the year.
I find it ironic (it’s not actually) that Solstice is so close to Father’s Day… Odin & Zeus to name a few DAD Gods… Leo is Ruled by the Sun. A very masculine sign…good for rededication rituals as well as blasting out negativity with solar energy!!!

So what would you like to do this week?

Good ideas for Midsummer:


Clean out your car

Charge your solar rocks

Go to the beach

Pool party!

Grow some Sunflowers

Put Sunflowers on the altar

Motivation magick working

Get your hair done!

Tend to projects you have blown off!

I celebrated Litha on Father’s day this year. We barbecued,  listened to great live 70s music…ate peach cobbler and danced with friends and family near the waterfront.

So yes.

Enjoy life!!!

Get the orange jello!

Bond with nature!

Happy Solstice!

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