Okay, I’m guilty of it. I know you are too. You go to the swap meets right? Thrift Store? “Antiquing”? Garage sales? Maybe even dumpster dived once or twice in your life… maybe more?

My significant other always says he loves the taste of FREE. I think he personally has an account at every Goodwill or 99 cent store on the Pacific Coastline. But still . . .

I have seen things.

Frightening things that were due to residue energy of previously loved items. Due to one simple misstep people take during toting home their new ground score or ultimate purchase.


I am not talking about wiping it down with sanitizer or running it through the dishwasher a couple of times – although that may be necessary too.

I’m talking about psychic dirt. Residue energy. This is the “ENERGY STUFF” that gets stuck on an object from those previous owners that may or may not be living or not ( how should I put this?) the happiest person in the world? You need to shield yourself and your loved ones sometimes from your newly found treasures. I will talk about hording and clutter another time regarding negative energy ( I will try to get to that in the soon future). This time, we really have to cover the basics. You have no idea how many people over the years have come to me and telling me that “SOMETHING” is in their home? Only to find that they just bought that same “SOMETHING” at the antique store which they didn’t bother to Sage or bless or cleanse with Holy Water or Palo Santo. It does not take a rocket scientist to add 2 and 2 together. Have your new old stuff cleansed.

When we go thrifting or antiquing? I have a kit in my trunk of the car that has always been helpful to me. I hope that maybe then this will help you my fellow shop a holics / deal finders.



Sage bundle

Lavender oil

Mint oil

White candle (optional – Summer will melt this… so sometimes a white crayon is more helpful )

Spray bottle full of either: blessing oil, Dill seed, Sea Salt Water (Ocean Water), Palo Santo.

White (sometimes even black depending) yarn or thread

Lemon Clorox wipes


Please realize that your method of transportation is ALSO a part of YOU – therefore upon entry it attaches to a form of YOUR sacred space. A car is an extension of YOU and YOUR energy.

So cleanse it before you put it into the car! You can look like an idiot in front of the sellers house, who cares?!?

Draw a pentacle or a happy face (I do this sometimes) on the ground with either a white chime candle or a white crayon.

Stick said item on top of the newly drawn pentacle.

Depending on the size of the object, decides on what you do next.

If it’s a LARGE item? Draw a white cross or a pentacle on the back of the object where no one will see it. You can do more cleansing / blessing when you get home.

If its clothing? Don’t put it on the ground , just lightly spray with lavender and a spray bottle of your blessing choice, then wrap the fabric with the white yarn or thread before placing into the trunk. This is to not only keep everything together, but a minor binding to any woo woo that has a variant opinion of leaving item. When you get home? Take to the Laundry and wash with however you clean your clothes, but add a few drops of essential oil to the wash. I prefer to use Zum Lavender organic wash or a little bit of Dr. Brunners Castille Soap in either Rose, Lavender or Mint.

Any other random item? The pavement is fine (usually…) to either Sage regularly or just spray with your blessing spray of choice. If anyone asks? Say you are a germaphobe and that it’s a family form of sanitizer. . . which psychically speaking? IT IS!

When you get the item home? Make sure your wards at your front door/garage/back entry are fresh and up to snuff. I have seen it where some people do NOT ward or have blessed their attached garages… WHAT?!? Are you crazy??!!?!! Its where your car lives, right? * Bangs Head into desk twice * Yes, please ward/bless/protect ALL aspects of the home. This includes pets too (another article for another day).

Before you get the item into the home – if you have a spot allocated for it like a desk area? Put together a small pouch with some sacred salts or blessing items to keep in the same area.

If saying the words: “No negativity shall enter this home – only the object may remain. Only light and love is allowed into this sacred space – Into my home and space you are welcome if you bring peace and light.

If weird things happen after this ? At least you tried, right? It’s better than nothing at all.

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