Eclectic Blast issue 2

Upon further research on the pages of my mothers records. I went to the great and mighty Google to investigate further products of the wild and wacky that she found.

One of the things that kept coming up more and more as a reference base was the great and mighty archival tome which was that of the defunct “Weekly World News”, a magazine of which I found it to be a true classic of camp on the written page, with such classic articles such as: I had a baby tarantuala… I got married to a UFO. WONDERFUL!

But aside from the mentioning of some said possibly fly-by-night , shim-sham products after 19 years – that I have noticed the majority of these ‘companies’ no longer exist. hmmm…a scam perhaps?

You mean I can’t send nine dollars to a P.O. Box in Texas for rare Atlantean Crystals from the wall of Bimini to speak to my past life soul star seed?

BUT WHY!?!?!?!!? Maybe I NEEED a small Aladdin’s lamp. in these trying times!!!!

Everything old is new again. Every two decades humans tend to repeat the ideas from the previous two decades to either rekindle nostalgia or to rake in a new sucker out of their …AHEM… I mean to ‘intrique a new generation from their money’.

Nowadays we use websites instead of P.O. Boxes usually.

But for those of us that have a skeptic mind or a need for a laugh…me need the camp and always there is possibility of one of these items being the real deal.

Who am I to judge?

So without further ado… here is Episode 2 of Eclectic Blast for you to use at your best judgement .


Are You Kidding Me?

* Want Eternal Good Luck? – Send your good luck coin to the initials R.W.B. and then a representative will toss it from the Golden Gate Bridge… (Isn’t that illegal? Please let me know in the comments.) the price for this lovely task was in 1996 $5.00 plus your special coin (of course in cash) Also they would send you a certificate of the task being completed if you sent a S.A.S.E. (self addressed stamped envelope)… if your sarcastic heart is curious the address was in the 1990’s


5320 Diamond Heights K-202 San Francisco, CA 94131


(BTW all this data is for Informational/Entertainment purposes only. I can not claim any responsibility for other peoples version of crazy.)


Ancient Eqyptians in Texas?

The Amen-Ra Medallion

This charm is said to bring good luck, help you win big, find love, friendship, health, happiness, money, etc…

wow. can it find me the perfect fruitcake recipe too?

All this and for only $10.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling in cash.

May the pharaohs watch over you and bless you with only goodness. No, there is not suppose to be a curse included.

as of 2000 the address was

House of Amen – Ra

P.O.Box 57524

Dallas, Texas 75207

After consultation with the great and mightly Oracle of Google I beleive that the House of Amen-Ra of Dallas Texas is no longer with us.


If you have any strange items either for review or discussion – here is my address:

Send your strange to:

T.J. “Pandora” Teer

P.O. Box 11581

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