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So here I was on Independence Day cleaning out my photo/memory bucket…also known as the “Pandora Archives” by some of my friends, due to numerous writings and journals or cartoons I have shoved into this bucket.

Then I see this complete yet unpublished book of my mothers with the title: Eclectic Blast. The years on it is 1999-2004 and it appears to be a collection of various strange & unique items that she had located or even contacted companies with very little help from the internet at the time.

Soo I have decided to share assorted pages with you over time. This way I am treasuring her memory and sharing items that are intriguing or just unusually fascinating.


I have tried to research and check some of these groups to see if they still exist? But it has been hard to do.

I do not endorse or condemn or encourage these sellers or companies if they still exist so this is all for informational/entertainment purposes only. Always use your best judgement when dealing with anything in mail order, internet, etc…

Let’s start with the first page I see.

Photo by Mikki Little Korzybski (“Mom”) 1989


Lincoln DNA pocket watch.

Allegedly this company had taken genetic chromosomes of President Abraham Lincoln from his hair from his head then reproduced and placed into a watch to sell

Umm okay.

The company also claimed to produce ONLY 5,000 watches for $195.00 each plus Shipping and Handling. I do not see an address but the company was called Stargene, Inc. Located somewhere in San Fafael, California.

Hm. So…anyone else hear about this at all? If so? Please either drop an email to me or leave me a comment and let’s see what Abe’s DNA watch at least looks like.


Ogham Pendants

There is a story that goes with this Irish alphabet- the great stone markers of the Southwestern portion of Ireland …at the time she wrote this, the Ogham was the oldest written Celtic language. Pendants are from a company called Western Isle in Angleton Texas.

I used the great mighty Google to try to locate Western Isle…but no luck. However now you can just use Amazon or Etsy and find tons of Ogham jewlery – so I think this one might just be a bust now no longer there…but I could be wrong.


If YOU have found strange and and unusual things from archives long gone by? I’d love to hear from you!

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