Dropping the F bomb on target

The word ‘F**k’ is more an insult intellectually than explicitively nowadays.

A little over 4 months ago a woman (whom I adore) was watching one of my live IGTV shows and was horrified by myself and my guest on the show .

“Pan, you are an intellectual woman…why are you dropping so many F bombs?”

How many swear words can you count?!?

I went back to that particular episode and counted 27 F bombs out of my mouth in a 45 minute episode…that’s like one F word every 2.5 minutes.

I went to college taking Honors Shakespearean Literature!

HUGE apologies to the great bard…and possible part time hack, Bill.

I went to and taught courses at various Renniassance faires teaching how to swear in Elizabethan!!!

Sooooo 27 swear words….ouch.

Learning to swear correctly is the name of the game.

I counted a phone message someone left me…I counted their F bombs…

52 F bombs in 3 minutes!

I’m shocked!!!!

I believe (my theory) that a swear word is suppose to be like an exclamation point at the end of a sentence….

….a swear word should not be used as a comma in a sentence – like a filler if you have nothing else to say.

Some people believe swearing shows a sign of lack intelligent …actually it can be more like a well designed flourish.

We need to use our language and our swear word inflections correctly.

Starting with me first.

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