Dark energy…

No…I’m not talking about quantum physics here…

Well, actually…in a way, I am.

We ALL have that ONE person from our lives that just at one point was probably your best friend then turns into your Frenemy then your arch nemesis…it happens. Usually why is because they evolve into a darker person ( or YOU yourself might be changing …I’m no judge here!) Or they have just gone bat shit crazy and you just can’t save them. I tell you now? Just walk away from the crazy. Pack your shit. Leave! Don’t give them a second chance…walk away. Yes usually I DO believe in second chances…but there’s always THAT ONE that just you can NOT fix. They have made it their mission to try to destroy you. You cannot fix broken people that have it as their personal life goal to destroy YOU…




You can NOT fix them. You can only fix yourself. And if they burned you? The best success is living a fantabulous life my lovelies.

They are not in control of themselves. They are full of rage.You however,are in control of how you handle dealing or not dealing with them. If you feed into their paranoia and go trundling down their void of drama? Then they win. You want a happy life? Keep them out of it. It’s that simple. And if they keep wailing and bitching about YOU? Calling or trying to start something? Walk away. They are babies looking if not starving for attention.

My friend Fawn asked me once when dealing with a drama of a person: “Are the people that are in your head that you are dwelling on paying you actual cash or rent to live there?” Ummm No? “Then why do you allow them to stay so you think about them?”

Good question. I keep that in mind to this day. Thanks, Fawn.

So. Live a fabulous life, have a glass of wine, a slice of pizza…and allow yourself to be loved by REAL people that care about you FOR YOU.


Drawing by TJ Pandora Teer 2018

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