Conjuring 2 is a Love Story.

Why is Conjuring 2 a Love Story

Just in time for the Valentine’s day influx of happy fluffy cherubs and rainbows… some of those with a more darker or macabre side share their hearts (and possibly other body limbs ) with the mate they intend to share if not just a lifetime with…an eternity.

Case in point, we have in the realm of gothiness and the dark & spooky many role models of love for the sharing of hearts or at least a sanity plea:

Morticia & Gomez, Harley & Joker, Jack and Sally … maybe in another article we will give them their own special article each.

But this time, its different. This time has come to add Ed and Lorraine Warren.

A true love story.

Ed and Lorraine Warren founded the New England Society for Psychic Research together. They led a long and happy marriage together and had a daughter. They also curated and created the Occult Museum in Connecticut where the infamous doll Annabelle resides to this day.

There have been many spooky scary horror thriller movies loosely based on the case files on the Warrens.

One of these movies is the sequel to original Conjuring movie: “Conjuring 2” which does have its fair share of frightening jump out at you moments.

So how could I possibly call Conjuring 2 a Love Story?


Underneath all the frights and scary ooky occulty wulty… there are two people that LOVE each other that work closely together to protect the other.

They understand one another, they truly fear for the family that is haunted in England because they have seen this and lived similar situations before. It is out of Ed and Lorraine’s compassion that they are able to succeed in helping a family in turmoil.

There is a love song sung by Elvis (‘For I can’t help…falling in love with you’) that Ed sings in the film. There is chaos…there is fear. But there is strength…in love. Staring down demons, breaking down doors, kicking in windows and crawling through walls to rescue those at the edge of peril? That’s TRUE Love.

The real Ed Warren died of an alleged heart attack (I believe it is more than that – that’s my opinion however) and Lorraine Warren still at the time of this writing is now 91 years of age and still resides at the home they both shared with the Occult Museum next door of the house.


Conjuring 2 IS a Love Story.

For those that can handle scary.

All photos property of New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. James Wan, Director.

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