Auntiepanpans Horrorscopes 7/5/19 – 7/12/19

Okay. We got Shadows and Retrogrades and New Moons!Whoot!!!! Ready for the super crazy slip n slide? I am hoping I am!!! I wrote this during the earthquake on the 4th of July…so…

Get the Duct Tape and Onion dip! I am trying my bestest to ignore the retrogrades and hope that they sail smoothly and ignore me as they hop through.

Hope Hope Hope.

Gallery Blacke Unicorn Artwork by Dian Luna (my aunt)

You are feeling very competitive right now. More like nearly to the point of territorial….In a pissing on a shrub to mark your territory sort of way. Just remember you don’t OWN anybody. They are free to do as they please…wether you like it or not. Your Jealous horns are showing…and bonus points if your semantics are lacking and saying things incorrectly.

Right now you are feeling really put out. You can NOT give up hope, sweetie. I know it feels like hell right now? But it does get better. I’m not taglining a popular phrase either. For real – It WILL get better. Just don’t do anything rash, okay?

Having the feeling of loss for other people’s failures – That’s not you. Stop feeling responsible for everyone else’s F ups… you can Fu*k up just dandy out on your own. Stop indulging due to other peoples grief or guilt…again…you can feel bad just fine without any help.

You are turning a corner into the realm of more responsibility. yay! BUT watch out! You are in love with the idea of being in love. Not usually the person your fancies are leading you toward…infatuation is not permanent.

If you can learn to not “School” people or voice your opinion to the point that the inflection sounds more like its your way or the highway….you like debate. BUT heaven forbid if anyone disagrees with you. Watch it. This is how we get a lonely lion in an ocean of people. in other words? Keep it up you’ll be alone. it’s time to adult.

Speaking of adulting. . . you just want unlimited money and a house and all the things… doesn’t everyone? Try not to work too hard? However don’t take money or advantage of the weak either. People will remember your name when it comes to revenge or karma. PLAY NICE.

Those that don’t believe you know how to budget haven’t seen you in full Libran full frugal mode. You can be a tighwad when you have to be. Especially if you have a goal. The veil has been lifted from your eyes and you have a plan for your life. GO FOR IT.

You are constantly busy in manifestation gear. You are either networking, manufacturing, producing, selling, etc. Keep up the good work. You have structure and a good system to keep you going. Stick to your itinerary and don’t be swayed by leeches and scallywags.

If you are sad? You are the only one that can fix it. No one else. You aren’t happy? Only YOU can change it. There is no one able to save you but yourself…why is this? Might be because you have pushed everyone else away- or – this is that hurdle that you have to overcome alone.

I see a choice you need to make – a total new leaf on life? OR ? Stagnation and stay complacent where you are. I will tell you however, if you choose complacency? You don’t get the right to complain about how your life is going.

So. What can I say to you that you already didn’t know? You need to find your purpose. You need to do what is right for you – even if it sucks and isn’t what you WANT to do….but it’s the right thing to do.

Wake up Fishy people! Communication is the key to keeping your family and career going. So stop biting your tongue! Say what you mean and mean what you say. Stop sugar coating so as to not hurt other people’s feelings. Honesty is the best policy. You don’t have to be an evil bitch – but you DO need to get your point across and share your feelings.

See you all next weekend!



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