AuntiePanPan’s Horoscopes

September 2022

Soo many things are goings on in the Universe currently that I can’t even think where to start!?!

So many Retrogrades,  so little time.

Mercury retrograde starts Sept. 9th and ends October 2nd.

Just remember Air signs (Libra,  Gemini and Aquarius) this week before the actual retrograde (a.k.a. the shadow) this is when things get funky. Lay low and sit in your air conditioning and eat snacks.



Serious changes are coming in your general direction. I hope you’ve prepared and have a calendar at the ready. 


You can survive any zombie apocalypse as long as you have the proper snacks and coffee.

Just roll with it.


So. I’m glad that you have moved on. But stop gloating about other people. It belittles you. Stop being so jealous. Stay in your own lane.


Just going to say it once.

You worry too much. Stop stressing. All will be okay.

Everything is fine.

You are worrying about things that are not important. 

Relax a little.


People keep jumping down your throat. This is the time to contemplate what you want do with your life. What do YOU want? Not what you think everyone else wants you to do.


Time to put old fears to bed and make room for new closet space for new fears. Btw : the demons under your bed are hungry, they like cheese and waffles.


All you really need is three days off and silence. And a multitude of deep passionate kisses in the rain while listening to Muse…and extra dark Lindt chocolate. 


You just wonder if its Vegas weekend time. Or Palm Springs party time. You need a party. It’s been a hot minute and really need to get out and do 



Pumpkin spice is back!!!

You can’t wear your Uggs in 104 degrees.

Invoke your inner basic bitch.


You SO did not see THAT train coming…how did that happen?!? Whoa!!! Everyone stop for a second so the water goat can reset their boundaries they’ve worked SO very hard to establish. Give them an weensy weensy break…

…okay, breaks over.

You may proceed with your roller coaster of crazy.


When was it established that YOU are the adult of the group?!? When did YOU become the *gasp* responsible one?!? Enjoy the small things, like a smile or a light rain.


There’s a thin an fragile line between gossip fun drama and “Oh my Gods this is really happening, I’m not ready for THIS!” Kind of drama. 

Learn to distinguish between the two, and then you can get some sleep at night again.

So , October is coming! I’ll see you soon in Libra season!