Auntiepanpan Horoscopes 5/31 – 6/7 2019

Auntie PanPan’s Horoscopes

What a crazy month it has been, hasn’t it? Well strap in me harties! 30 more days until the crazy finally mellows out.

We just have to hold on to each other. Why? Because we are all in this together.

Don’t trigger any fights…and above all else? Don’t start a fight in a Starbucks drive thru. That’s just mean.

You may be stubborn? But without you? Nothing gets done sometimes. You are a team player that knows when things need just a little push.

Okay Okay Okay. You need to calm down, buckaroo. There has been way too much crazy in your existance. Just take this moment to survey the battlefield and get back to camp.

You are really just NOT. Not feeling the fantasy. Not happy with the idiot squad. Not happy with your surroundings. You need a change. Pronto.

Time to roll up your sleeves and get to those tasks at hand that you have been putting off for quite some time now. Job. Career. Home. Family. Savings. ALL THE THINGS . Get a plan devised and save that coin, my love.

Where are you? Where did you go? Who are you? You are indulging too much in play time and not using your focus to get your projects accomplished. Do you need a Leo to light a fire under your butt? jus sayin.

You have WAY too many projects. Way too many fans in the fire. Why? because you are hoping that one of these fans will blow toward never having to work a nine to five job ever again… you are so scared of YOU. Your health, Your dreams, Your future…. so much so that your present is suffering. Work on this. Call your therapist. Write in your Journal. Take a walk. Yoga. Meditate….whatever it takes to make you happy again because this is NOT a dress rehearsal.

Everything I said to Libra? Goes double for YOU. except in reverse.
You need to take a day and just breathe. Get your hair done. Get a mani pedi… buy that book or haunt your local coffeehouse. Take a moment and relax.

You need an upgrade. Unless you like wearing stuff from 1985 that’s threadbare full of more holes than an alibi on Murder She Wrote… Upgrade your car to this millenium….

Put your yearbooks from 20plus years ago on the shelf or in a trunk. Clean your kitchen. UPGRADE.

Don’t you think its time for evolution instead of stagnation? Don’t you think you need to let all the things GO?

Don’t you think you should bury the past and either forgive forget or ask for forgiveness? either way? Clean that slate!

You have an agenda to continue your mission. You have a cause and you are determined to finish what you start. In your past you may not have finished projects or had great ideas but no follow through…but believe me…you HAVE to start somewhere.

Don’t give up. Whatever you do? Do not give up. You have potential. and with potential? There is ALWAYS hope.

Stop being so hard on yourself because you are the only one that is upset with you… for real.

Take this moment – take a cup of tea – and assess the day.


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