Auntiepanpan Hororscopes 8/17-8/24

Horoscopes 8/17/2019 – 8/24/2019

Things are just begining to gain momentum for the pregame of October…which for many is the witchiest busiest time of the year.

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Chit chat, small talk and idle banter, does not pay the bills and turn the power back on. Time to put that nose to the grindstone and get things done.

Stop falling in love with the idea with being in love. Love will find you…you have love by the way… just in ways that were not what you expected. I think its time you sat out in a park and smell the flowers.

You ever get the feeling that everyone is pulling you in several different directions and you can’t even keep your own thoughts straight??? Yeah. that’s YOU right now.
My suggestion is to reel it back in slowly enough that no one notices that when they come to whine…. you are not there… you are having a sandwich…somewhere else!

You feel fried right now. You have to take a break. But taking a break and using your crutches to just get through the day? Two totally different animals. You need a bubble bath or a swim or go to the ocean. TAKE A BREAK. You feel as though no one is understanding you… You have to use words instead of assuming that they know…they aren’t as intuitive as you are.

Hoo Boy.
You need to work. You have a lot of balls in the air. All the female Leos are taking action and becoming successful…the male Leos… ummmmmm….
Guys? I don’t want to be THAT person that tells you to get your Sh*t together? But you really are leaving me no choice. You have only about 3 weeks to get your house in order or the Universe will step in and you may not like the results. Sorry guys… but take a tip from your female Lionesses.

Just been feeling MEH lately, huh? yeah. I hear ya. Truth be told that you are worrying about the wrong things right now in your life. If you live with family? sit down with them and talk, laugh, eat, watch TV together…HANG OUT. enjoy being with the ones that you love. If you are still single? Hang out with more positive friends that make you feel better. Your choice.

You are exhausted. You just run and run and run…and have nothing to show for it. It is time to put your foot down and make magick again. Your throat chakra is all messed up…because you know dang good and well if you tell people how you feel? It could destroy them.. or worse? destroy you in process. For YOUR birthday coming up in a month or two – Might I suggest that you get your Throat Chakra cleansed? Just a suggestion.

Sometimes you just don’t know when your words wound. Its not your fault, actually. You are so flustered and frustrated right now…how can you make everything work if people won’t leave you the F*ck alone? I get it. But sometimes think before you speak…measure twice , cut once.

You really need some focus right now. You can NOT blame everyone else for the situations that you have come across…at the same time you can’t give up either…all things are going to get better….maybe not the way that you thought it would. in fact. you may hate the way the future might have plans for you…but the Universe is trying to help you. So stay positive.

You have a notorious gift of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Its your mutant power. Stay home. It might be safer. You may not even know that there is someone that you might have wounded and don’t even have a clue…at the same time…don’t take crap from people either.

If you could only have a plan.
A business plan or an outline for your life might be best. You need to have rituals and schedules because otherwise you will stay on the couch drinking wine and binge watch Hulu. Keep a journal too, you do better when you have a plan.

Foot loose and fancy free right now, that is you. Gotta keep moving or else! You know that Winter is coming….that means hiding your snacks for the Season. Enjoy the time you have because its gonna get real crazy real soon.


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