Auntie PanPan Horrorscopes 4/24 -5/1 2019

4/24 – 5/1 2019

Hi everybody- this Jupiter retro flashmob thing is almost over! Trust me I heard so many Sagittarius were suffering these last few weeks…it will end August 24th? But the first shockwave my little horse archers you were just NOT prepared for all the crazy!

Just bandage yourselves up and get back in the ring y’all!Why you may ask? My beloved Pluto is coming in for a one two retrograde double punch now! At least till October! Whooohooo! “Omg what does that mean?” You may be asking…its not bad! It’s more like shaking off your cobwebs and dealing with either shadow work or secrets or even better? Motivations that you have totally blown off.

You don’t get to stick things on the wall of procrastination, folks.

Wish you all zenhugs and just remember to breathe!

Okay. So yes, the world is crazy right now…things should be lightening up for you in the next week or so. Don’t sign any crazy money contracts until you have had a good long think.

Stop using your wastebaskets and putting them on your head and then running into walls. It’s a waste of a good bucket.Seriously tho? Best course of action for you right now is to just listen to the music and dance! Like the happy lil cow you is!♡♡♡♡


I would never want to piss you off. Truth. When you get a reality check on someone? When their glamour fades? You don’t get catty or violent…you just make sure they no longer exists in your reality. And since you are SO sparklie? It’s like cutting off an alcoholic at the bar. Enjoy the return of energy you have been missing for a while now.

Cancerians (moonchild)
Reunions. They can be happy? They can be bittersweet? But this is the time of reunions for you…and creatures from your past will come out and wave ‘hi’! Just be prepared for all the outcomes. ALL OF THEM.

You love the quiet. You need the quiet. When there isn’t calm or quiet in your realm? Or high levels of chaos? You get cranky. Or physically ill. Time to put the paw down and be in charge. Put your shopaholics credit card down and approach everything head on. Be gentle to those that love you because they don’t understand you are just a big fluffy housecat that needs 16 hours of sleep…if you don’t feel good? Change it!!!
…and snacks. Snacks will help.

Wrapping up unfinished business is a pro tip for you right now. Yes. Things happen? But grudges are not your forte. You are not a character in Game of Thrones!Plotting and strategy…yes that’s more your range…but is it really worth it?

You need a serious break. Take a day off. Take two. Even if you go on vacation? You come back even more exhausted!!! Even on your days off? You end up helping others. Take time off!!!!!
Just one day!Away from everyone!One day without a phone or contact from the rest of the world. Heaven!Motivation: You will have figured out your living situation by the end of the year…you got this.

Eeeeee. You’re alright for now? But you will never have enough time OR ENERGY for another of those drama episodes of those pstchic / emotional vampires around you that suck the life force out of you to the point you are exhausted. They have the issues? Not you. You are sitting pretty. Remember the chaos is not yours? But someone else’s. Also? Fix the mechanical stuff in your life that has been ticking you off of late.

What are you doing? No. Seriously. Just hold on one more week…things can and will get better! Right now you should be thinking of things you want to do in your future, where you want to go…things you want to see? Then go forth and start working on a plan to make them happen. You feel cooped up…its not forever, luv.

You have all these plans…but…have you got the ball rolling yet? You need someone to help steer you right now. You hate to ask for help so what? You are going to sit and suffer in silence instead and binge anime? NO! You are gonna go and ask a fire sign friend for some motivation and maybe an air sign for some creative thinking! Good luck!

All this aimless wanderings and not having any roots or a feeling of an actual place to land is kind of driving you crazy. Never forget you always have options…some options you may have never even considered before in your life…the next thing you know you are gonna have that Aha! Moment and realize “Whoa! How did THAT manifest?!?!”surrprrise!

Okay. I’m fixing you up with one more week of contemplating your navel? Then it’s time to get back in the game and get things done? What things? That list of things you said you wanted to have done by some made up time line that YOU invented. Pssst! It’s under the can of chewy snacks on the coffee table! Next to the remote.

Till next time!Zenhugz!!!

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