Auntie Pan Pan’s Horoscopes 8/10-8/17 2019

Hi howdy!!!

This weeks covering
August 10 Thru August 17, 2019.

Okay so Mercury Retrograde has left the building for a bit. WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!

(Now we get to take responsibility for our serious whoopsies again in life. )

Can’t wait for the Plutonian Retrograde to end in October…thats the one that has been biting me on the booty, folks.

Lets get into our socio astrology for this next week, shall we?

Alright – So after a serious confrontation and being cocky…it has come apparent to many that you are talking the talk…but are very hesitant when it comes to you walking the walk. Sometimes you just need to put your money where your mouth is sugarfoot.

You have a magical mutant power of seeing through other peoples B.S. — however sometimes you allow yourself to be walked all over just to keep everything smoothed over and an dramas….problem is? There will ALWAYS be a drama – you don’t even have to be in the room – there will always be others in your orbit that will stir drama if you allow it. The choice is up to you to accept it.

It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that you have twenty to forty different irons in the fire currently. You have a gifted way of burning yourself out in a blaze of epic glory. Its time to regroup and reorganize and restructure…this way to the egress.

Okay – now that you have your mood swings under control for the moment…now you really need to trust your own instincts about the negative people in your life. Remind me why you keep them around again? ohhhh minions….righht.

Happy Birthday!!!
You have had some serious rungs on your ladder knocking you down lately. Reality not only bit you on the bum, it decided to leave scars. Truth is? if you want something bad enough? you can acheive anything – But be very careful what you wish for…those things that you want may be beautiful? but very dangerous.

You need to stop being a hypochondriac. at least for this week. NO Web MD for YOU this week. You also need to acknowledge the people that love you – and ignore the users and yes men/women…for just seven days…. maybe longer.

You seemed to find your backbone amongst the cheetos and chocolate truffles on your setee while binge watching ‘Harlots’ on Hulu. Truth is what people don’t know about Libras is that – Yes, true, they can be wimpy and stay down for a while when being kicked down to the dirt by others….but when the wounds are licked and regrouping happens? Watch out! Libras are a divine force to be reckoned with. I might be biased….jus sayin.

If everyone would leave you alone to your own devices – two things could happen:

1.) You would take over the world.
or …

2.) You and 3 of your friends would either be in jail or on the Lam. Some of your plans are frightening…but then again…some are Genius..its up to you to decide to use your powers for good or plot other peoples demise that have officially driven you batsh*t.

Things should be looking up for you – but some of you are dwelling on the negative still. and you are basking in using guilt to make others feel bad.
which makes you temporarily feel good.
which is bad.
Refocus your moral compass a little – retune it just a tad.

Dwelling on issues of the past will not stop you fixing the you that you are now. You have skills. . . use them.
You should embrace the talents you have and use them for the utmost best purposes possible.

Just because you are the King or Queen of the air conditioned Gypsies… does not mean that your path in life works for everyone else. You have tons of Utopian dreams and ideas – but it may just not be everone’s cup of Kombatcha.

If someone is selling you something that sounds just too good to be true…guess what? it is. You know better than that.
Work on the goals that you have for your future, make a list – You make lists in your sleep – whats another list?!?

WELL! That is enough for me – I am spent!

Have a blessed weekend…I’m off to be crazy and obnoxious.


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