April 2022 Horoscopes

Auntie’s Horoscopes for April 2022

Ahhhh April…the season we burn sugar coated marshmallow woodland creatures…

Talk about a whirlwind month already and we are just the first few days in!!!

Let’s Dive In….Shall We?


Soooo Your birthday is coming. You are expecting a parade and some sort of festival in regards to this since you want tributes and confetti because the last two years have been sort of … MEH.

This month? Just because you are feeling and doing better does not mean you should over do it. Remember how you broke LAST time? 

YEAHHHHHHHH Don’t do it again. Learn from your crazy.


You feel like you are waiting to see what happens next…kind of like when is the shoe going to drop? Actually everything is fine… FOR YOU. Things are looking up. It might start being a little more busier than usual? But maybe thats just the pick me up that you need right now. Remember, YOU always have the power to tell people NO.

Taurus always has the best shoes… Viking funeral? Alien abduction? World Goth day? Yeahh Taurus has a shoe for that…


Oh my sweet Summer child… Its time to get real. Say what you mean and mean what you say this month…You can’t tell someone is crying or screaming usually in just a text. 

Stop plotting revenge or dwelling on people from your past and just get the F over it already. Dwelling will always lead to your downfall…

…and gossip.


You are feeling ALL the things right now. You want the roller coaster to just stop for a weekend so you can take a breath. Understandable. The thing is there is so much Fire energy around you this month? Things COULD get a little steamy for you. It might be great in the sheets but not in the streets. Work on that Mac n Cheese casserole … I’ll be waiting with a fork. 



Leo’s can get growly…but it’s usually when they are being

You feel like you have to defend every one you know from one another. You are not a goalie, you are not a referee. You do not need to play favorites … nor should you have to. Everyone needs to respect your space. If they aren’t? Time to set up boundaries or ignore them for a while. 


Why are you constantly looking for a relationship? Or trying to fix the one you have? Maybe its time to take a good long hard look at yourself…You need to work on you and STOP being the scratching post for everyone else’s feelings. STOP IT! You have every right to feel the feelings you have…stop letting others try to CHANGE you into what they think you SHOULD be. If someone you care about is trying to change you? Maybe its time to look at the full picture and activate self care mode. 


…Speaking of relationships…You are so paranoid everyone will leave…nope…sorry…you are stuck with the people that actually love your crazy. You are actually a nice person and not as wack a doo as others from your past have made you think. You are a good person. Stop doubting it. People actually love you.  

Deal with it. 


Congratulations. You have officially hit E on the gas tank. You have achieved BURNOUT. Its time to look at the more important things in your life and try to relax. Eat the cookie. Take the walk. Love who you can. Delegate accordingly. BUILD YOUR EMPIRE. Yes there will always be those that try to knock you down. That’s why you have friends. 

Scorpio is all shades of DONE. Tread lightly and give them snacks.


This is the time to get your legs worked on. Stop running into walls. Maybe take a balancing class. Your balance is completely shot. . . Usually with you this means its time for some SERIOUS gounding.

Maybe try Earthing? Or take a walk? One thing is for sure you need to take a moment to work on your balance. Think about it. 


Hiding and hoarding money is a national pastime for Cappies. 

That hidden stash may be exactly what you need to start that new hobby or side hustle.

Hobbies for Cappies actually ARE having three to seven side hustles spinning at the same time. 

Remember to breathe tho. 

BTW: I found a hundred dollars hiding in your toilet tank…you might need to find some new money hidey holes. FYI.


Give you a banner and you will attack. You have been hovering in attack mode for quite some time. You despise seeing injustice and want to rectify situations. Truth is you can’t attack ghosts.

I mean…yeah you can try? But all you will have back is air. 

Be patient…the crazy will come to you…So save your energy when the poop circus comes to town? You will have your tarp at the ready!

Aquarians are banner wavers. Give them a cause? They got your back.


Now that you have had a good long hard think…you realize communication needs to be a thing. Its not a confrontation but a conversation. 

Communicate wisely. 

You hate drama, yet you seem to have an aura of drama surrounding you. Maybe its time to put your tray in the upright position and land for a bit. 

SOOOOOO I hope everyone enjoys this months Horoscopes.

I will see you again in MAY … Oh Beltane is coming…I wonder what energy flowing things are coming our way for THAT month?


Love, as ever,

Your Auntie PanPan

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